How to Prevent Dust

Dust in your house causes allergies because it contains many pollutants in the form of pollens and dust mites. This can cause respiratory disorders if you are exposed to them for a prolonged time. Dust will also make your house look dirty. You can keep your house dust free, knowing how to prevent dust.

How to prevent dust:

  • Clean your house regularly. Especially, try to clean the corners of the house such as areas behind the cupboards, sofas where dust gets accumulated for a long time. Such places are really difficult to clean.
  • You should use movable and light furniture in your house so that you can easily relocate them from one place to other while cleaning your house.
  • Use vacuum cleaners to clean the corners where your hands cannot reach.
  • If your house is near streets, then you should always cover the windows of your house with curtains or keep the windows closed.
  • Use good quality door mats near the doors. If these door mats are not heavy duty and commercial ones, lots of dust from outside gets into your house.
  • Try using air purifiers in the rooms. These air purifiers accumulate the dust within them before it settles down in your house.
  • Do not use ionic air purifiers. These release ozone gas which is very harmful to your health if enters your body through the respiratory tract.
  • If your are living in a place that is humid for most of year, then to control the humidity levels in such places using dehumidifiers.
  • Humid atmosphere attracts dust more easily and it is very harmful for your health if you are exposed to such dust for a long time.
  • If there are any wooden, metallic or plastic furnishing items in your house then clean those using electrostatic dusters. These dusters attract dust very easily and clean them effectively.
  • Keep your air conditioning filters and furnaces clean. They attract a lot of dust and spread in the atmosphere thereafter and harm your health.
  • Change your beddings frequently. If dust accumulates for a long time on your beds, then it can enter your body during night or whenever your sleep on them.
  • Clothes that you wear rarely should be kept in a clean place where there is less possibility of dust.
  • Keep the garbage bins clean.
  • If your house has a garden, then clean the garden regularly. Remove all the dried leaves from the floorings.

Following the suggestions given above you can get rid of the dust in your house.

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