How to Prevent E. coli

Infection due to bacteria E. coli is mainly caused because of contaminated food. You will find many cases of infection due to E. coli bacteria nowadays due to poor hygiene. They cause severe health hazards to your body, which could be life-threatening. This article on how to prevent E. coli will help you take necessary precautions to prevent the infection due to this bacterium.

When the infection is diagnosed, it is necessary that you treat the patient immediately, so that the condition does not worsen. Here are some of the tips that will help you in preventing E. coli infection.

  • Follow proper hygiene in your kitchen. Take necessary precautions so that you do not cross-contaminate the food. This is one of the major reasons that spread the infection. If you have used some utensils to keep meat or cook meat, then you should not use those utensils to cook some other food. This causes cross-contamination and causes infection to you as well.
  • Avoid eating undercooked food. Especially, meat should not be consumed if it is not cooked properly.
  • There are harmful bacteria, which are left un-killed in uncooked meat.
  • You can make use of thermometers to determine the temperature of the food items that have been cooked, especially meat and beef to make sure that the food is cooked completely.
  • Wash any kind of meat properly. Use hot water to wash meat.
  • Avoid eating meat in restaurants, because most of the times the meat here is not cooked properly and the harmful bacteria still alive within it.
  • If you are served undercooked food in restaurants then ask for the replacement.
  • Follow proper hygiene. Wash your hands properly before eating and after eating.
  • Clean the space you are using for cutting the food, and your choppers before cooking.
  • Wash the vegetables properly before cooking.
  • Wash your utensils properly before using them for cooking food. Do not make use of dirty utensils or utensils that you have used for cooking other food.
  • After usingĀ  the toilet, wash your hands properly with a good disinfectant and water. This will help you in killing the germs if any, present on your hands.
  • Wear disposable gloves while changing the diapers of children, and wash your hands properly after you are done with it.
  • Dairy products also contain bacteria in excess. Drink pasteurized milk.
  • Drinks that are sold at room temperature should be pasteurized properly. Especially, carbonated drinks and ciders should not be consumed unless they are pasteurized properly.
  • Avoid buying eatables from street vendors. They are mostly cooked under unhygienic conditions. They may be tempting, but can cause infection within your body.
  • It is very essential to teach proper hygiene to your children. Teach them to wash their hands whenever they use the toilet or return home after playing. Washing hands properly before eating food is very essential to prevent the infection.
  • Drinking water can also transmit the infection, so drink water after purifying it properly. Boiling the water will kill harmful bacteria that are present in water.
  • Attach filters to your tap to prevent the infection due to the bacteria.

The tips given above will help you in preventing E. coli infection.

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