How to Prevent Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural calamity which causes huge destruction of life as well as wealth. We cannot stop or prevent the earthquake, but we can take necessary precautions to save our lives. Proper planning plays a vital role in preventing earthquake damage. This article on how to prevent earthquake, gives you some strategies that will help you in preventing the damage that is caused due to earthquake.

How to prevent earthquake damage:

  • The first thing you need to do to prevent earthquake damage is, have a secure construction. Make sure that your house is constructed to sustain the high magnitude quakes or tremors of the earth.
  • Install strong latches on the places where you store things such as kitchen shelves and cupboards. These latches prevent the contents within the cabinets from spilling out.
  • All the light fixtures in your house should be fixed well. It is safe to fix light fixtures to the ceiling.
  • If you are using burners in your house then anchor them to the floors so that they do not shake from their place.
  • Anything that is explosive should be kept in a safe place. If explosives are not kept in safe places then they can cause huge damage by catching fire.
  • Do not buy fragile furniture for your house. Tremors of earthquakes are so strong sometimes, that they can destroy your furniture.
  • Avoid buying glass furniture. If there are mirrors to your furniture, they can causeĀ  huge damage.
  • Home appliances such as computers, television and other equipments should be kept in secured places.
  • If the region you are living is prone to earthquakes then you should be prepared to deal with emergency situations at any time.
  • It is always safe to keep a fire extinguisher with you. During earthquakes, you will find many small fires igniting here and there. These fire extinguishers can easily save you from damages.
  • If you experience an earthquake at your place, it is safe to hide below your beds or in the places where there are no objects around that could fall on you.
  • If you have arranged something within the shelves in the house then arrange them in such a way that they do not fall off from the shelves.
  • All heavy objects present in your house should be kept close to the ground and notĀ  too high from the ground.

Acting quickly to save life is very essential in spite of all these precautionary measures to reduce the damage that is caused by earthquake. The above suggestions will help you a lot in escaping safely from the earthquake.

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