How to Prevent Fleas

Flea infections are mostly caused to pets in your house. The most common victims of flea are dogs and cats. If your pet is infected by flea it suffers from itchy skin and the pet may also fall ill. This article on how to prevent fleas will give you some hygiene tips to prevent the infection.

Almost every dog or cat has infection due to flea at some point of time. Proper hygiene could help you reduce the risk of the flea infection to your pets.

Tips to prevent fleas:

  • Bathing your pets is very essential. Use warm water and a disinfectant soap to prevent your pets from any kind of infection.
  • Special soaps are available for your pets. Use them regularly on your pets.
  • Powders are also available for killing flea. Some of these powders contain harmful toxins that could kill your pets, if it enters into their body by any means. Use of such powders on your pets should be avoided if possible. Use powders that do not contain toxins.
  • Clean your house regularly if you have pets in your house. These fleas may be present in any corner of your house.
  • Clean the feces or the urine of pets immediately. Fleas may breed within then and cause infection to the pets.
  • Use vacuum cleaners to clean the carpets, mattresses and floors of your house.
  • Clean each and every place where your pets hang around.
  • Keep the food covered and do not leave the leftovers outside for a long time. Flea may breed on this and later on spread to the other parts of the house.
  • Clean the garbage bins in your house regularly.
  • Do not allow the pets to play in the garbage in the bins of your house. They may contain pests.
  • Mixing few drops of lemon with water and applying it to the cats will help in removing the flea from its fur. Prepare this mixture and heat it until it boils. Apply this mixture to the dog’s fur and leave it on your dog’s body whole night. In the morning just rub its fur with hand and the flea will be removed from the fur.

All the tips and suggestions given above will help you prevent the infection of flea to your dogs and cats.

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