How to Prevent Forest Fires

Forest fires can bring huge disasters and cause damage to the wild life. Forest fires are sometimes caused due to natural factors. These factors are impossible to prevent. There are many occasions where forest fires are caused due to the human activities. This article on how to prevent forest fires gives you some simple tips on preventing forest fires.

How to prevent forest fires:

  • People who live in areas near forests need to know the safety methods that will prevent forests from fire.
  • Sometimes small sparks from the houses situated near forests can be the cause of the forest fire. Try to follow safety measures in the houses.
  • Install fire sprinklers in your house.
  • Use ¬†fire proof building materials. This will help in preventing fire.
  • Sometimes the fire outside your house can also be the reason of the damage. You should also take care that there are no such factors around your house that can catch fire.
  • If you use LPG stoves at your homes then make sure you turn off the knob of cylinders at night.
  • Electric short circuits can also be a reason for the forest fires.
  • If electricity cables and towers are situated in forests then the city electricity department should maintain them with safety.
  • If the forest department notices any situations that can ignite the fire within the forest, it should take some necessary precautions.
  • Sometimes natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions are responsible for the forest fires. The forest department should take necessary precautions and provide artificial habitat to the wild life within the forests
  • It is always safe to maintain fire sources near the forests. If there is a natural water body near the forest, it would be an added advantage. Make use of this water, in case the forest catches fire.
  • You should be prepared to tackle any kind of emergency situation, with all the essential resources.
  • Do not use fireworks near the forest.
  • Avoid industrialization near the forests. This can be dangerous, no matter how much precaution you take.
  • Clear all the dried leaves from the forest. They are the main reason for forest fires to spread a long distance in less time.
  • Avoid smoking in forests. Even if you smoke, do not throw cigarette buds in the forest.
  • Avoid throwing wastes that can catch fire near the forests.

Take the precautionary measures that are given above to prevent forest fires.

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