How to Prevent Freezer Burns

We buy food in bulk to save money, but most of us don’t follow proper methods to store the food. Improper techniques for storing food result in frosty and grayish spots on the surface of the food. These spots are called as freezer burns. Freezer burns do not spoil the food, but they make the food tough and spoil their taste such that they taste rotten or spoilt. Know more about how to prevent freezer burns.

When we freeze food items the water molecules present in it are transformed into ice crystals. This makes some parts of the food cooler than the others causing the water molecules to sublimate into ice crystals at this spot. In this process other parts of the food get dehydrated creating an uneven flavor in the food.

Here are some useful tips following which you can prevent the formation of ice crystals on the surface of the food items.

Tips to prevent freezer burns:

  • Do not store food in bulk for a long time. Eating the food stored for a long time in the freezers is not good for health. It also causes freezer burns.
  • Use freezer safe bags and wrappers to cover the food while you are storing them in the freezers.
  • Do not allow any water molecules on the food items. When you bring vegetables and fruits from the market, clean them properly with water and wipe them using a clean cloth and store them in the freezer.
  • Food that contains lots of water should not be frozen for a long time.
  • Do not allow air to accumulate between the empty spaces present within the container.
  • For foods that expand after freezing, they should have at least a space of 1- 2 inches left within their containers.
  • Avoid changing the freezer temperatures frequently. Fluctuating temperatures can damage the quality of the frozen foods.
  • Maintain your freezer temperatures below 00 F. Foods stored at these temperatures tend to have less freezer burns.
  • Storing the foods in plastic freezer bags or containers that are meant for storing food in the freezers is also a good option.
  • If some foods are to be kept in the freezers, then do not keep such foods for a longer time at room temperature. Keeping such foods at room temperature for more than 30 minutes before freezing them can result into freezer burns.
  • Do not over load your freezer with food. Overloading the freezer with food does not allow circulation of air within the freezer properly which can cause freezer burns on the food items.
  • Leave considerable spaces between the containers in the freezers so that the air can circulate properly inside.
  • Each food item needs different freezing and thawing techniques. Know proper techniques for each food items and store them accordingly.
  • Cooked food should not be kept in the freezer immediately. They should be cooled at room temperature and then kept in the freezers.
  • Clean your refrigerators at least once in a month properly. This will help you in removing the ice crystals present within the freezers.
  • If these ice crystals accumulate in the freezer in bulk, then they may melt and fall on the foods that can cause freezers burns on the food items.
  • Food items such as eggs, dairy products, seafood, poultry and meat should never be defrosted. Many people defrost such food and then thrive hard to get rid of the freezer burns on them.
  • Leftovers should be heated well before keeping then in the refrigerators. These foods should be thawed at room temperature before keeping them in the refrigerators.
  • Acidic foods such as tomato should never be stored in aluminum utensils. If you do this they are likely to get freezer burns.
  • Moisture and vapor-resistant packages are also available that will help you in getting complete prevention against freezer burns.
  • If there are any empty spaces present in between the food and the container fill them with crumbled wax papers so that the empty spaces are accumulated completely.
  • If the food comes in contact with the oxygen present in the empty spaces in the container then it is likely to have freezer burns.
  • Store each food item in a different container. Storing more than one food items within the same container can also be a reason for freezer burns.

Follow the tips given above to prevent freezer burns and eat tasty, fresh food from your freezers.

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