How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

If your hair is curly then it is natural to be frizzy. Some people may have frizzy hair even if their hair is not curly. Hair becomes frizzy mainly due to the improper hair care.  Excessive use of styling products, improper diet, etc is some of the causes that spoil the texture of your hair. This article on how to prevent frizzy hair gives you some tips on preventing frizzy hair.

If you don’t like to see your hair become like a birds’ nest when you wake up in the morning, here are some suggestions that will help you to prevent it.

Useful tips to prevent frizzy hair:

  • Select appropriate hair care products. Products that are too harsh should not be used regularly.
  • Shampoos that contain sulfate are harsh for your hair. Avoid such shampoos. Read the ingredients list before buying any hair care product.
  • Washing the hair daily makes the hair dull and lifeless and removes the natural oils from the hair. This also makes the hair frizzy.
  • Using a good quality conditioner whenever you wash your hair is very essential to prevent the hair become frizzy.
  • After applying the conditioner, wash your hair with cold water. This will help you lock the cuticles of your hair and prevent them from getting frizzy.
  • Do not brush your hair when wet. This breaks the hair and makes your hair frizzy at the ends.
  • Instead of using oil based conditioners, use cream conditioners that are oil free. Such conditioners are very helpful in preventing the hair from turning frizzy.
  • Use Leave-in conditioners. They can be applied anytime and help to maintain the texture of the hair.
  • Avoid brushing your hair. Use wide toothed combs to comb your hair.
  • Trimming the hair at least once in a month is a must. It helps in growing healthy and lengthy hair.
  • Trimming the hair also helps in getting rid of split ends. If your hair is split at the end then it is more prone to become frizzy.
  • Applying anti frizz products to the hair will also help in preventing the hair from frizzes. Make sure that these anti-frizz products contain silicon. They work best for preventing frizzes.
  • Most of the times hair becomes frizzy while we sleep. Using silk pillows helps prevent hair to get frizzy.
  • Apply oil in the night before going to sleep. This helps strengthen the roots of your hair and keeps the hair in a proper texture.
  • Coconut oil and jojoba oil are very helpful in moisturizing the hair. Do not use oils that contain too many synthetic ingredients.
  • Avoid blow drying your hair frequently. If you dry your hair frequently they become dry and lifeless and tend to become frizzy.

The tips given above will surely help you in preventing the hair from frizzes and retain the texture of your hair.

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