How to Prevent Fruit Flies

Fruit flies become a severe nuisance in the kitchen during summer. As summers arrive, women, restaurant owners want to know how to prevent fruit flies in their kitchen. Flies are also attracted to the vegetables and other food items. However, the main attraction for fruit flies is fruits such as grapes, bananas, melons, etc.

It is not possible to get rid of these fruit flies completely; you can do few things to prevent them to some extent. Here are some tips that will be helpful for you to prevent fruit flies.

Tips to prevent fruit flies:

  • Avoid storing fruits in open bowls. Some people have a habit of placing fruits on dinner tables, on refrigerators and on top of kitchen counters. If fruits are stored uncovered, lots of flies get attracted to it.
  • If there are any over ripe fruits in your house, remove them immediately. Flies love over ripe fruits and can damage other fruits that are stored along with these fruits. Monitor the fruits properly that are stored in your house.
  • Store fruits in the refrigerators and remove them only when you want to eat them. Do not keep them for a long time on the table.
  • Do not keep cut fruits in the kitchen for a long time. Eat them as soon as you cut them, or keep them in the refrigerator.
  • Maintain cleanliness in your kitchen. Clean the kitchen counter properly using a disinfectant so that the juicy smell of the fruits after cutting them does not persist there for long time.
  • While cutting fruits if the juice spills on the surface of the counter, wipe it away and clean all the utensils that you have used after for cutting or storing the fruits.
  • If you have any fruit juices, then do not open the containers unless you want to drink them. Dispose the containers in the garbage which is sealed properly.
  • Fruit peels should also be disposed in sealed garbage bins.
  • Wrap the fruits in a plastic wrapper if you want to store them externally.
  • If your kitchen already has many fruit flies, then place a bowl of vinegar on the counter and add some basal leaves in it. Fruit flies get attracted to this fragrance and fall in the bowl.
  • If there are any food particles left unclear from the floorings then fruit flies get attracted to this as well. Clean your floorings properly.

Follow the tips that are given above to prevent fruit flies.

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