How to Prevent Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is caused because of the simplex virus that is transmitted during sexual intercourse. Once a person is affected by this virus, it stays there for a long time. It is best to avoid sexual contact with multiple partners to avoid genital herpes. This article on how to prevent genital herpes suggests you some preventive measures to prevent genital herpes.

Tips to prevent genital herpes:

  • Lack of proper hygiene and improper sexual practices provides favorable conditions for the virus to breed. This virus is then transmitted to your partners and causes irritation and infections that stay dormant for a long time. It is always safe to know the safe practices and follow proper hygiene of your genitals to prevent genital herpes.
  • If you are already infected with genital herpes then it is safe to use condoms to prevent the transmission of the virus to your partners.
  • Using the necessary precautions, you reduce the chances of transmitting the virus to your partners.
  • Do not have more than one partner.  Having more than one partner promotes the growth of many infectious viruses that are responsible for contaminating various diseases. Simplex virus is also easily transmitted if you have multiple partners.
  • The infection is easily transmitted during the early signs of herpes outbreaks. During this period a burning sensation in the genitals is experienced. Having sex during this period is not safe, so one should avoid having sex during this period until the herpes is healed completely and has no more tingling sensation.
  • Sometimes the infection is also transmitted when there is no outbreak of the herpes, so it is always safe to use some protections while having sex.
  • Herpes can also spread from an infected mother to a child. If you have been infected by herpes during pregnancy then it is very important that you get tested for genital herpes or else you may transmit the infection to your child during delivery.
  • If you have been infected by herpes during pregnancy then it is recommended that to opt for a Caesarean to reduce the risk of transmission.
  • Avoid having oral sex while you are infected by the virus. This spreads the virus more easily and also causes infection in your mouth leading to oral herpes.
  • Conduct a test to detect the infection if any, to yourself and your partner before having sex.
  • Genital herpes is also found to increase the risk of cervical cancer in women. Therefore it is essential that you treat the infection as early as possible to prevent any kind of health complications in near future.
  • A good immune system is also essential to prevent any types of viral infection. Have a healthy diet that provides you with all the essential nutrients that help you in building a good immune system to fight against any kind of infection.
  • Good resistance is also essential to prevent the recurrence of the infection. Therefore, protect your immune system by consuming a healthy diet and regular exercises.

Try the tips given above. They are very helpful in preventing the infection from simplex virus that causes genital herpes.

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