How to Prevent Genital Warts

Genital warts are caused due to the infection of HPV or human papillomavirus. Genital warts can pass from one person to another in case of poor hygiene. This infection can further spread to other parts of the body when you come in contact with the warts of other people. These warts can be prevented if you know how to prevent genital warts using proper hygiene and safe sex.

The warts caused due to this virus may form in clusters or form individually on the genitals. These warts are pink or white colored, which can appear on any part of the reproductive system in men as well as women. These warts are not painful.

Symptoms show infection about three months later when you have been infected by the virus. They cause irritation and discomfort.

Tips to prevent genital warts:

To prevent genital warts, you need to prevent the infection that can be caused due to HVP virus. Here are some tips that will help you in preventing warts by preventing HPV infection.

  • Have monogamous relationship. To have more than one partner at a time can increase the risk of this infection. If you have more than one partner, then this virus can easily breed or enter in your body unknowingly.
  • Vaccines can be given as a preventive measure against HPV virus. These vaccines are available for women from the age group of 11 years.
  • These vaccines should be given to women before they become sexually active. Gardasil and Cervarix are the two vaccines that provide prevention against HPV virus 6, 11, 16 and 18 that cause most serious infections and can rarely be treated.
  • Safe sex is one of the most essential preventive measures that should be practiced by everyone.
  • Use of protection while engaging in sexual intercourse is very helpful in this case. Protection in the form of condoms can be used by both men and women.
  • You should examine you genitals regularly. If you find any abnormalities or observe any changes in your genitals, inform your doctor immediately.
  • Providing proper medication on time will help in reducing the severity of the disease and prevent you from any kind of serious disorders.
  • Having a good immune system is also very essential to prevent any kind of sexually induced disease.
  • A healthy diet and exercise will help you boost your immune system. Give your body adequate amount of all the essential nutrients such that it can resist any kind of infection and is less susceptible to the infection.
  • If you are infected by HPV and have genital warts then you should try not to engage in sexual relationships with your partners. This can contract the infection to them.
  • This infection can also spread if you come in contact with infected objects, so avoid contacts with them. Ask your doctors to use new and sterilized syringes.
  • Genitals of women, especially the cervix is not completely mature when they are teens. Having sexual relationships when young will increase the risk of infection, so delay your first sexual relationship.
  • Chose your partners carefully. Don’t choose someone unless you are aware of their background.
  • Ask them to go for medical check-up before having any kind of relationship with them.
  • In pregnancy the size of these genital warts increases and can cause many changes in your genitals. This can make urinating difficult and causes difficulty while parturition.
  • Pregnant women should go for regular check-ups and try to get some treatment as early as possible to prevent the problems that can arise later.

Treatment for genital warts:

Never try to treat the genital warts yourself. They can outbreak the warts and spread the infection to other parts of the body.


  • You can treat the symptoms of warts by a method called ‘painting’. This method should not be used on pregnant women.
  • In this method a brown colored liquid called podophyllin is painted on the warts. This decreases the size of the warts considerably.

Other treatments:

  • The other methods used in the treatment of genital warts are laser methods and freezing method.
  • In laser method of genital treatment, a laser beam is used to destroy the warts while in freezing method, warts are freezed.

The preventive tips and the treatments that are given above will help you in getting rid of the genital warts as well as let you know the early signs of genital warts.

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