How to Prevent Global Warming

Where our planet appears to be advancing as one entity through the process of evolution, and where man is constantly gaining access to the roots of technology, with an aim to invent technologies as advanced as the human body in itself, there we can witness the resulting residue which comes in form of ill-effects that is eventually proving unhealthy for the environment. Now, this condition having been occurring gradually all along, global warming is one of the most serious problems that has claimed its place in the forefront of environmental studies in the last two decades. Although several programs have been implemented in many parts of the world with an aim to prevent global warming, and restore our environment back to a healthy state, the issue has gained heat only of late.

What is global warming?

melting of polar ice-capsAs a resulting sub-outcome of our continued advancement, there is a substantial rise in the temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, a phenomenon which is bound to happen when the planet’s resources are managed improperly. Studies report that the mean temperature of Earth’s surface has gone up by approximately 1.5°F, where two thirds of the increase have been calculated to have happened post 1980. Increased activities of deforestation and fossil fuel usage has resulted in increased concentrations of greenhouse gases, namely methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and ozone, which gives rise to a combined effect that causes warming of the planet’s atmosphere throughout.

As a result of this the polar ice caps have started melting, thus marking a significant increase in the sea level. These gases trap the heat emitted by the sun, and eventually contribute to the temperature of the planet’s atmosphere. This condition has lead to a serious state of ecological imbalance, hence causing heavy rainfall in some areas, and drought among other regions. In simple words, Earth would have been colder if these gases would not have been generated in excess. Preserving a healthy biosphere and eliminating significant chances of natural disasters or calamities now greatly rely on our collective realization of it’s ill-effects.

industriesCauses of global warming – an overview

Most researches conclude that the major cause for global warming traces back to excessive use of transport, air-conditioners, and other appliances, which are found releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide in the air, a compound which forms the major constituent of the greenhouse gases. Here’s a simple test to help you know how warm it can get – exhale on your palms, as if you were checking your breath, and you’ll see for yourself as to how warm your breath being exhaled can get. We, humans, can somewhat be termed as organic machines with superior technology, and which needs to undergo constant processing in order to keep functioning. Newton’s 3rd law of motion explains it all.

Deforestation or excess cutting of trees, in turn obstructs the maintenance of the planet’s biosphere, as trees, which help in reducing the level of CO2 in the atmosphere by inhaling carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, are being razed down in order to meet the needs of human survival and advancement. With the increasing need for real estate constructions, paper production, and gathering primary resources, it is evident that industries, businesses, and corporations contribute equally to this effect. Not only restricted to the emissions of harmful gases in the air, industrialization has resulted in the release of hazardous wastes in varied forms of matter, and those which are generally improperly treated.

How to prevent global warming:

As we all seek comfortable and sophisticated lives, somewhere natural resources are being abused extensively, merely in the name of business, which is why we see forests being razed for the production of paper, rubber, sandalwood etc, when we already have an eon’s supply of them stored and circulating across the globe. Expecting the corporations to cease their activities, or maybe reorganize the whole system would be a wish that will never get fulfilled, and that with the increasing number of demands, and the need for extensive marketing for businesses. Why marketing? Because that is one sector which uses huge amounts of resources simply for the sake of promoting a business, thus marking the degree of ignorance towards reserving essential resources for activities of uses that pose more importance than branding.

Given below are some steps that we, as inhabitants of the garden planet, can follow in order to help preserve the environment, and thus control global warming through a collective effort.

  • Let’s not dump things that cannot be decomposed; choose to dispose off plastic properly, since the only mode that can keep it’s ill-effects under control is recycling them
  • Products that decompose, such as kitchen waste, carcasses from farms, and cut outs from our gardens, should be collected and sent for processing or recycling, so that they can be used as manure
  • Using chemical-based fertilizers do affect the environment, and hence, need to be replaced by those that are organic
  • We strictly need to adhere to the pollution control rules established, and get our vehicles checked regularly for increased emission of smoke
  • Excess burning of fossil fuels and coal should be avoided. Atomic explosions, nuclear testing, and sending space shuttles to far off planets for failed, pointless research mark optimal abuse of resources, and these activities release exaggerated amounts of green house gases in the atmosphere. Such acts are purely unnecessary, and we, as civilians, can do nothing but hope that national and international organizations come to realize this fact and suggest changes to the current system.
  • Did you know that we can generate electricity from various sources besides burning fuels? Modes like tidal energy, solar energy, kinetic energy etc, pave way to optimal use of what we are bestowed with
  • Use of solar cookers, solar water heaters, and many appliances that use solar energy are available in the market, for a little extra price when compared to the regular products. Let’s use of them.
  • Ethanol when used along with petrol helps in reducing the extent of pollutants released by the vehicles
  • Plant seeds in your vicinity. You don’t need permission to do that, just grab a corner and pave way for some saviors
  • While purchasing any electrical appliance make sure that you read its details properly and select the one that consumes less energy, and releases comparatively less pollutants. Nowadays, most electrical appliances come with energy star ratings. We need to choose wisely.
  • Avoid excess and unnecessary use of paper, because paper is made from wood by cutting the trees, which is where marketing comes as a major prosecutor, for it uses inhuman amounts of paper for preparing pamphlets, brochures, hoardings etc . And yes, that includes cutting down on cigarettes as well.
  • Even if you turn off the main switch when you aren’t using the electronic products, small amount of energy still flows through the socket. So, remember to unplug your phone or laptop chargers, computer or TV power cables, water heaters or geysers, toasters, microwave, video games etc, when not in use.
  • Replace the bulbs in your house with energy efficient fluorescent bulbs, as they consume a considerably less amount of energy. Make your home more energy efficient, avoid using meaningless electrical products such as digital photo frames, towel dryers, fancy lighting etc.
Let's not witness this in real

Let's not witness this in real

The points mentioned above are some basic preventive measures that we can take in order to save Earth from global warming. It is evident that negligence and ignorance here, would lead to drastic consequences for all of us.

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