How to Prevent Hair Growth

Hair can grow on any part of the body, but this unwanted hair growth can be a reason for your embarrassment. Especially, when this hair grows on face, neck, chin arms and abdomen. There are many ways, which can help you in preventing unwanted hair from growing back. You can eliminate this hair by some useful methods. Here are some effective ways that will help you know how to prevent hair growth.

Tips to prevent hair growth:

Hair removal creams:

  • There are wide ranges of hair removal products in the market that will help you in removing hair from unwanted places. These creams are also useful in preventing hair from growing back in that place.
  • Depilatory creams are found to be more useful in preventing hair growth. These depilatory creams are available in the form of creams, gels, lotions, etc.
  • These creams are a mixture of mildly caustic chemicals. The actions of this cream are somewhere between shaving and waxing.
  • These creams are mild, dissolve the keratin present within the hair, and helps in removing them and preventing their re-growth.
  • Before applying these creams on your skin, clean your skin properly so that it shows proper effects.

Waxing and shaving:

  • Shaving will help you in removing hair from unwanted places. However, this method is not found to be so effective in preventing hair from growing back in that place.
  • Waxing the hair will help you in removing hair.
  • If you wax the area where there is unwanted hair growth frequently, the density of hair reduces subsequently in such places.
  • So, wax the parts of body where there is unwanted hair growth, instead of shaving them.

Electric tweezers:

  • Electric tweezers are much more effective than waxing and shaving.
  • Using these electric tweezers, you can easily remove unnecessary hair.
  • These epilators or electric tweezers send a n electric pulse that burns the hair and pushes the hair back.
  • This reduces the growth of hair to a great extent and gives you a smooth and hair free skin.

Laser treatment for hair removal:

  • If you have excessive problem of hair growth, you can opt for laser treatment. These treatments are somewhat expensive, but they are an assured way of preventing hair growth.
  • In this, a beam of laser is used to burn hair. Once your hair is removed using this method, no hair will grow in that place throughout your life.
  • When you treat your unwanted hair with a beam of laser, they fall down from the follicle and never grow again.
  • Make sure that you get your laser treatment done from an authorized doctor or else you may have to face some more problems while removing hair from the skin.


  • This is another method, which helps you in prevent hair growth.
  • This is a time consuming method for removing hair and requires an expert person to do it.
  • In this method, an expert will insert a needle into each and every follicle.
  • This needle will emit a spark of electricity that burns the hair right from the follicle and prevents re-growth.
  • You may have to go for many sessions to remove the hair completely as it is not possible to remove all the hair at once.
  • This is also an expensive method, but guaranteed prevention of hair growth.

Lotions are also helpful in preventing hair growth in unwanted places. You can also try these lotions. The lotions, which are helpful in preventing hair growth, are inhibitor lotions. Their prolonged application on the skin will help you in eliminating hair from unnecessary places.

Soy is also helpful in preventing hair growth. Consuming soy in adequate amounts right from the childhood will help you in preventing hair growth. Soy contains phytoestrogens that helps in reducing hair growth when consumed in adequate proportions.

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