How to Prevent Hangover

After a heavy drink at night, it is usual that you have a hangover. The situation becomes even worse if you have to go to the office the next morning. The severe headache and uneasiness due to the alcohol will not allow you to get out of the bed, but you can’t help it. You can take some precautions before having heavy drinks and prevent hangover. Hare are some useful tips that will help you know how to prevent hangover.

Tips to prevent hangover:

  • Never drink empty stomach. If you drink alcohol empty stomach, it is easily absorbed in the blood stream and hence is the actual cause of hangover. Eat fatty food before consuming alcohol. Doing this will slower down the absorption of alcohol in the blood stream. This will also reduce the amount of acetaldehyde in the stomach the presence of which, in the stomach, also increases the chance of a hangover.
  • You can also drink a spoonful of olive oil before drinking. This will also help you slower down the absorption of alcohol.
  • Drink in limits and stick to one type of drink at a time. If you drink moderately, the chances of hangover reduces as your body is not intoxicated to a higher extent. Mixing too many drinks, you will form a hangover cocktail.
  • Proper hydration of body will also help you reduce the chances of hangover. When you drink alcohol, you urinate frequently and this makes you dehydrated.
  • When you urinate, you expel many useful nutrients from the body as alcohol breaks them down easily. Therefore, you need to drink lots of water before and drinking.
  • It is also advised to have a glass of water after having alcohol. This will also help you in reducing the effects of alcohol on the body. Drink at least ½ liter of water.
  • In the morning, if you feel stuffy head and heavy bodied, consider drinking water; you may get relief for some time. Drink 2 to 3 glasses of water.
  • If you get some relief after drinking water, then lie in the bed for some more time and then have a heavy breakfast.
  • Fruits, honey and whole grains are the best foods for breakfast after you have a heavy hangover. These food items will help you retain the lost potassium for the body. The will also replenish the sodium and sugars that are lost from the body.
  • If you cannot sustain the effect of liquor on your body, choose those liquors that are light. The effect will be lowered with these types of alcohols.

The best way to prevent hangover is abstain from drinking, but if you cannot resist then follow the suggestions given above to prevent hangovers.

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