How to Prevent Head Lice

Head lice are parasites that breed on human head and they suck blood from the scalp. They usually occur due to poor hygiene, and are widespread among children. They spread in children when they come in contact with other unhygienic children. These head lice attach their eggs to the hair and multiply rapidly. Knowing how to prevent head lice, you can easily prevent them.

These lice are tiny creatures that look like brown or yellow spots in the hair. The cause itching and scarring of the scalp when they crawl or suck blood from the scalp. It is tough to remove them by brushing or shaking your hair. Therefore, follow the tips given below to prevent lice in your head.

Lice prevention tips:

  • Do not allow your children to share caps, scarves or earmuffs with other children. Lice can crawl into them and contract in your hair.
  • Restrict your children from playing with unhygienic children. If they come in contact with such children the lice from their head can pass to your children as they can easily jump from one person to another.
  • Wash your child’s hair at least twice in a week. Use a good quality shampoo to wash their hair. It is very essential to keep their hair clean and tidy. Clean hair is less likely to harbor these parasites.
  • Cut their hair short, which can be easily managed and kept clean. In case, you cannot manage their long hair.
  • Keep their clothes separate from others, especially when you are in public places. Lice can survive without human hosts for some days and pass on to others.
  • Keep the pillow covers and bed cover clean. Change them frequently and wash them in warm water using disinfectants.

Getting rid of lice from your child’s head naturally:

Instead of trying the products that are available in market, try the naturally available options given below. They are safe and do not cause any side effects on your child.

Tea tree oil:

  • Tea tree oil is also helpful in preventing lice. You can get it easily from any pharmaceutical store.
  • Add few drops of tea tree oil to the water and spray it on your child’s hair and this will help you in killing the lice.


  • You can also apply extract from the neem leaves on the scalp. Neem is helpful in killing many parasites and infectious bacteria from the skin.
  • The bitterness of the neem will kill the lice and is safe to use on children.
  • Take some neem leaves, add some water to it and grind it.
  • Apply the obtained paste on the scalp and it will kill any kind of infection from the scalp.

These suggestions have been helpful for many mothers in getting rid of the lice from their children’s hair. Try them.

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