How to Prevent Heat Stroke

Sudden elevation in the body temperature due to exposure to the sun or increased temperature in the environment is called as heat stroke. Humans being hot blooded animals can adjust their body temperature according to the surrounding temperature, but when the changes are drastic human body fails to do its work. Before knowing how to prevent heat stroke, let us know the symptoms of heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat stroke:

  • Heat stroke causes dehydration and causes electrolytic imbalance in the body.
  • In severe cases heat stroke also results into heart attacks and pounding of heart.
  • Heat stroke results into nausea, fatigue, headache, dizziness, vomiting, etc.
  • Temperature of the body rises, a person has difficulty in breathing and there is less sweating.

If you notice any of the symptoms stated above, then you can take the following measures:

Preventive measures for heat stroke:

  • Keep yourself hydrated. Heat stroke can be due to a huge amount of water loss from the body, so drink at least 8 to 10 glass of water daily. Fluids are very essential to regulate the body temperature.
  • In summers people generally have the problem of heat stroke. Therefore, in these days you should increase intake of water consumption.
  • Glucose drinks are also helpful to reduce the risk of heat stroke. Glucose gets assimilated in the body much easily and provides instant energy in case of emergency.
  • Fluids in the form of fruit juices should also be consumed in excess. Do not add too much of sugar in these juices as they can cause the body to lose more fluids from the body.
  • Limit exposure to sun in sunny days when the intensity of heat is more.
  • While going out when it is too sunny, wear light colored clothes that cover up your body completely.
  • These clothes should be loose fitted and ventilated properly to allow air to flow in and out properly.
  • Do not allow your children to a spend lot of time outdoors. The intensity of suns’ heat is more in morning hours between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Children who suffer from frequent heat stroke should be acclimated to heat right from their childhood. You can try and allow them to play for an hour or so; alternative days.
  • If there is too much of humidity in the atmosphere, then use dehumidifiers in your house to reduce humidity. If heat and humidity combine, then it becomes more difficult for your body to adjust to the body temperature.
  • In case of emergency, take medical help immediately. If you are unable to control the condition yourself, then it could lead to fatal death of the person.
  • People who are not fit physically, old aged people and those who are suffering from heart diseases and diabetes need extra care during summers.
  • Alcoholic drinks and drinks containing caffeine should be avoided in summers. They also elevate body temperature increasing the risk of heat stroke.

The tips that are given above will help people of all the age groups to prevent heat strokes in summers.

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