How to Prevent Human Trafficking

Human trafficking came into existence because of the need for slave labor, prostitution, forced labor, etc. This is the modern form of slavery and the more common victims of such exploitation are women. Though the exact extent of this industry is unknown, the roots of this illegal activity are rooted deep in the society. This cannot be prevented completely, but we can  try to prevent it by knowing how to prevent human trafficking.

The exploitation through which the victims have to pass can be sometimes not so severe, but sometimes they have to suffer from sexual harassment, slavery, removal of organs, etc. Many developed countries have implemented laws and acts to prevent human trafficking.

Countries like China, New Zealand, Philippines, Korea and Arabian countries, etc are the common victims of human trafficking. It is estimated that around 14,500 to 17,500 women and children are trafficked to U.S every year. Number of men in this is negligible. Looking at this huge number, it should be addressed as early as possible, or else it might make the matter worse.

Here are some suggestions that will be helpful in preventing human trafficking.

  • It is especially important that the government takes some necessary steps to protect women and children from such exploitations.
  • They have to make the laws within the country more strict and even the international laws and regulations should be more firm.
  • Educating people and creating awareness among them will be helpful in this case. People from the poor countries where there is lack of knowledge, are vulnerable to get into such traps.
  • Government should be keen at providing proper education to the people of their country.
  • Parents also play a vital role in nurturing their children with awareness of the social issues. Parental guidance is also required by children to help them lead a safe and secured life.
  • It is essential that mentors and family members help the children to stay away from the labor schemes. Help them understand the need for education.
  • Most of the times, children who suffer from emotional trauma, dissatisfactions, lack of love, threats from family, etc are the victims of such exploration.
  • Implement programs such as anti-trafficking campaigns and anti-trafficking acts that will help in addressing the problem.
  • Use modern means of communication to let people know about human trafficking. Many people don’t know that sending their children and women to other countries for labor is illegal.
  • Make use of internet, schools and social programs to create awareness among people.
  • The government of the country should take some necessary actions to create equal opportunities for employment among people. IF everyone is employed then they may not be forced to exploit their children and women with an urge to earn money.
  • Countries should appoint secret intelligence agencies that will help in getting to the core of the problem. The identified culprits of the society need to be punished and strict laws should be imposed against them.
  • We the people also have a blind eye towards money. We are unaware from where and how the products we use come from. Many of the employers of big companies use forced labors in their companies.
  • The government needs to emphasize strong rules against employers and carry out investigations and charge the suspicious employers.
  • People should also deny the products that are made with forced labour. This will reduce the incentives to such employers as well as reduce their market value.
  • If you notice any vulnerable activities around you then you should bring it to the notice of the police or the authorities that can take actions against such people.
  • Developed countries should try to provide financial help to the poor and underdeveloped countries such as the people of such countries can improve their standard of living and do not get into such traps with an urge to earn money.
  • Improving communications and relations with powerful countries in the world will also help in addressing such issues on global platforms.

Follow the suggestions given above and help the naïve children and women from human trafficking.

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