How to Prevent Hunger

Hunger craving or hunger pangs can be due to improper diet or it can be psychological. This food addiction is very dangerous to health. This can begin right from the childhood and persist throughout life, but we need to take some precautions and stop it at some point. If you get pleasure eating and continue eating without any restrictions, you need to know how to prevent hunger.

The exact cause of hunger cannot be identified. It can turn out to be a complicated and serious problem if we do not strive hard and try to gain control over our appetite. We feel like eating food when we are depressed, emotionally disturbed, if we diet a lot, have an unhealthy body and greater metabolism.

Here are some tips that will be helpful to you in hunger or appetite prevention.

Do not diet:

  • If we diet a lot then we fail to cope up with the nutritional requirements of our body. For some days the body utilizes the stored nutrients, when there are not enough of these nutrients in the body. The body starts demanding them and increases our appetite. Due to this we start binge eating.
  • This disturbs the entire digestive system of the body and increases hunger.
  • We also skip our favorite food while we diet. If you try to do this, you are more likely to binge eat them.

Eat soluble fibers:

  • Soluble fibers are not digested easily, so they stay for a longer time in the body.
  • These soluble fibers will also help you in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore, include them in abundance in your diet.
  • These fibers are also helpful in cleansing the internal digestive system and flush out the toxins.


  • Device some strategies that will help you in controlling your diet.
  • Avoid doing things that will increase your metabolism. If your metabolism is very strong, try to do something that will help you lower it so that the food stays for a longer time in the stomach or body.
  • Do not carry food with you wherever you go and do not keep much food in the refrigerators or in your house.
  • Learn to say “No” if someone offers you excess food. Whenever in parties, do not eat more food even if the food is delicious enough.

Exercise regularly:

  • The metabolic rate of human body is usually high early in the morning. Exercising at this time will help you in controlling hunger.
  • Do aerobics and lifting exercises in the morning for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • It is also essential that you exercise in the evening, after 5 p.m. During this time, the body temperature falls subsequently.
  • Exercises such as yoga and walking will help you in increasing the body temperature as well as increase your energy levels.
  • Your digestive system will work properly if you practice this schedule regularly.
  • Exercising will help in increasing functionality of the digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system such that all the nutrients consumed by you are utilized completely and you are not consuming any extra food.

Consume proper diet:

  • Include those foods that will give you abundant pectin and fibers. These foods will help you in burning the fat that is already present in your body.
  • This process helps the body to get energy from the existing fats and you no longer have the urge to eat food to meet the nutritional requirements of the body.
  • Cabbage, raw apples and pears are a rich source of pectin and fibers. Include them in abundance in your diet.
  • Do not eat lot of sugars through your diet. Increased intake of sugars will increase your appetite; especially concentrated sugars should be avoided.
  • Instead of using sugar in your diet, use honey. This will break down easily and get assimilated by the body easily. Therefore, less energy is utilized by the body in breaking them down and you feel less hungry.
  • Eat organically grown fruits and vegetables. The nutrients and enzymes in such foods are organically balanced and is very helpful in proper digestion of the foods.
  • They also enhance the bowel functions.

Eat on time:

  • Schedule timings and eat on time. At night, eat before 9 p.m. so that there is time of at least 2 hours before you go to bed.
  • Have heavy breakfast and light dinners. Eat food thrice in a day.
  • Skip churning food in between meals. This will increase your hunger.
  • Avoid eating junk food. They are rich in calories. These calories utilize a lot of body’s energy in breaking down and increase appetite.

Try to know the root cause of your hunger:

  • People who have any emotional or psychological problems also suffer from such disease. Your emotional conditions influence a lot in your eating habits.
  • If you are unhappy, stressed, anxious and have some serious social problems you face these problems a lot.
  • So, try to stay happy. Pursue your hobbies and make connections with people.

The tips and suggestions given above will surely help you in preventing hunger pangs.

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