How to Prevent Hypothermia

Human beings are hot-blooded animals i.e. they can adjust their body temperatures according to the atmospheric conditions.  Sometimes they cannot adjust their body temperatures according to the surroundings during extreme cold and extreme hot conditions.. In such cases when the human body is exposed to extreme cold, the body temperature falls below a considerable level, this is called hypothermia. Knowing how to prevent hypothermia will be helpful for you.

There are many reasons that can lead to hypothermia. People who are addicted to alcohol, nicotine and caffeine get dehydrated easily. Loss of water from the body is the reason for hypothermia.

If you stay in wet clothes for a longer time, this can also cause hypothermia. Hypothermia is also common under water. Improper diet and unsound health condition can also make the body cold.

Tips to prevent hypothermia:

  • Drink plenty of fluids. If you are dehydrated, then the fluids present in the body do not reach hands and legs. If the blood does not reach the hands and legs then you are probably not at the risk of hypothermia, so stay hydrated.
  • Your diet should contain foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Such foods are converted into heat by the body. Whole grains, bread and potatoes are the best natural sources of carbohydrates.
  • In winter, wear clothes that will keep your body warm. Clothes made from wool are the best choice during this time.
  • Do not go out when it is too cold or in the snowfall.
  • Use thermostats in your house during winters to maintain a warm temperature when it is too cold.
  • Include those food items in your diet that will help your body get enough amount of heat to maintain its normal temperature.
  • If you feel too cold then you can also wear multiple layers of clothes during these seasons.
  • Avoid wearing clothes made from synthetic fibers in winter.
  • In winters, it is good to cover your body completely. In addition to woolen clothes you should also wear hand gloves and socks so that you are completely protected from the cold outside.
  • Hands and legs get cold much easily than the other parts of the body
  • If you are suffering from any illness then, you should take care that your body temperature is maintained well. If you notice that your body temperature has decreased to a great extent, then take some immediate measures to prevent lowering your body temperature further.
  • If your clothes are wet, change them before the body temperature falls further.
  • If you notice any signs of hypothermia, seek medical attention immediately.
  • If you feel too cold under water, avoid swimming. Hypothermia is more severe under water.

Hypothermia can be life-threatening if proper care is not provided on time, so follow the preventive tips given above to prevent hypothermia.

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