How to Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hair

Ingrown hair is hair that grows from the surrounding area of the hair follicle rather than hair follicle. These ingrown hairs are also called PFB or pseudofolliculitis Barbae. Ingrown hair in this area is more common and it can be irritating and create problems for you. You need to take extra precautions, as the skin in this area is quite delicate and it makes it very important to know how to prevent ingrown pubic hair easily.

Ingrown pubic hair can be prevented in the same manner as you can on the face, legs and hands. Some of the correct and useful tips for this are given here.

Ways to prevent ingrown pubic hair:

Follow proper technique while shaving:

  • Technique of shaving matters a lot to prevent ingrown hair. Do not shave in the direction opposite to the grain. This will aggravate the growth of ingrown hair.
  • Avoid close shaving. Many people think that close shaving will result in less growth of ingrown hair, but if you shave your hair closely there are greater chances of having ingrown hair.
  • Close shaving will also make the skin red and develop scars on it. This can create many problems.

Hydrate skin before shaving:

  • Hair in this area is thick, so it is difficult to shave them off easily. Therefore, you need to hydrate your skin properly before shaving.
  • Use hot water compress to hydrate your skin. This will help you make the hair and the skin soft, which can be easily removed.
  • It would be easier to prevent ingrown hair if you shave immediately after a bath. The skin is properly hydrated immediately after bath.

Select proper hair removal cream:

  • Make sure that the hair removal cream you are using to shave your hair, removes the hair properly.
  • The chance of having ingrown hair is high if the hair is broken above or below the surface of the skin while shaving.
  • If your hair removal cream is not proper and you are frequently having the problem of ingrown hair, change your hair removal cream.
  • Do not choose harsh creams as they irritate the delicate skin here.

Moisturize and exfoliate the skin regularly:

  • Exfoliating the skin will help in removing the dead skin and cells from this area. This will help in growth of hair properly. If dead skin builds up, the poses of follicles are blocked and there is no space for the growth of new hair.
  • Therefore, exfoliating the skin is very essential to prevent ingrown pubic hair.
  • Use mild creams and wear gloves while exfoliating the skin here.
  • Apply moisturizers to keep the skin soft. If the skin is not properly moisturized, the skin peels off and becomes scaly. It becomes difficult to shave such skin properly and this can result into ingrown hair.

Wax properly:

  • If you are waxing the ingrown hair at home, make sure that the hair is properly waxed.
  • Most of the times, hair breaks abruptly while waxing. If the hair breaks deep inside the skin or above the skin, it can initiate the growth of ingrown hair.
  • Therefore, try waxing at home, only if you know the proper method of waxing.

Ingrown hair in other parts of the body can be eliminated using tweezers, but it is very difficult to remove the ingrown hair in this area. You may develop scars in an attempt to remove ingrown hair from this region. Therefore, it is essential that you prevent ingrown hair here.

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