How to Prevent Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles are the most devastating pests which when attack your farms, can leave the plants with no leaves within a glimpse. You need to take proper care of your farm or garden if you want to prevent your favorite plants from these pests. They even feed upon the overripe and wounded fruits, devouring leaves and flowers. To know how to prevent Japanese beetles, you need to know how to eliminate grubs, which is the developing stage of these beetles, and precaution for preventing these beetles.

During the developing stages these Japanese beetles are present in the soil in the form of the grubs. These grubs feed upon the roots and destroy the plants. When they grow up, they turn into beetles that feed upon the plants and destroy the entire garden, lawn or farm within no time. Hence, both beetles as well as grubs can cause huge damage, so you should know how to prevent both these nuisance.

There are very less methods that will help you in preventing Japanese beetles, because once they attract your farm or garden, they turn into massive numbers within no time. You can use some methods to kill them and reduce their number.

Grub prevention:

  • Grubs can be prevented by growing strong healthy grass in the lawn or the garden. This will help you in preventing the grubs in the soil.
  • You can also make use of the insecticides and pesticides in the soil. Apply insecticides and pesticides to the soil and water the applied area for at least an hour after application.
  • These synthetic products used in grub prevention can cause damage to the plants and affect the yield of plants, so you should prefer using some environmentally safe methods against grub prevention.
  • Worms feed on these grubs, so you can also add these worms to the soil during spring and fall. These worms are of no harm to your plants and they will help in preventing the grubs and other insects harmful to your plants. These worms are environmentally safe to use.
  • Grubs are more common in spring and in the fall, so this is the best time to treat your lawns to protect them from grubs.
  • Once the problem turns out to be severe, it is very difficult to control the infestation of grubs, so treat your farms every year with these methods during the seasons’ when your lawns are at the risk of grubs.

Japanese beetle prevention:

  • Make your garden and lawns are unappealing to the beetles. These Japanese beetles or any kind of pests are attracted to the plants such as black oak, black cherry, roses, maple trees and many other fruit trees and flowering plants. Avoid planting such plants in your garden.
  • If it is not possible for you to avoid planting such plants in the garden, you must adapt mixed cropping in your gardens. Plant trees and plants such as garlic, citronella, etc, which are unattractive to these Japanese beetles and help in repelling them.
  • Plant your gardens with tulip trees, pear trees, dogwood trees, etc which will help you in repelling these beetles.
  • You can also cover the trees that are more susceptible to the beetles using lightweight nets. These lightweight nets act as a barrier and do not allow the beetles to reach leaves and the spoil plants.
  • If the beetle attacks your garden in the beginning stage, you can spray a detergent spray on the plants. Mix some detergent in water and sprinkle it on the plants. This will help you in repelling these Japanese beetles.
  • You can also use traps to attract the beetles in your garden. These traps attract the beetles and seize them. You should use these traps only if there is a severe problem of beetles, otherwise they will attract the beetles from the surrounding and this will adversely increase them in number. Place these traps far away from the plants that attract beetles.

You can also go for pest control method if you have frequent problem of the beetles. Following the helpful suggestions given above you will be able to eliminate the infection of these Japanese beetles and grubs, and prevent them.

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