How to Prevent Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is caused due to the bacterium that is carried mostly by deer ticks. When this bacterium bites a person then it causes rashes to the skin which are somewhat different from the normal rashes. To prevent Lyme disease, you need to avoid exposure to risk factors. This article on how to prevent Lyme disease gives you some simple suggestions on preventing Lyme disease.

Lyme disease is common in some areas as they get favorable conditions that can help the bacteria breed and multiply more spontaneously as compared to other areas. The disease is more common in areas such as the coastal Northeast, Pacific Northwest and upper Midwest of United States as there are abundant infected bacteria in these areas.

If the tick carrying the Lyme disease bacteria bites, then rashes on the skin may appear after 3days to 3 weeks. These rashes are in the form of red spots that are different from the normal rashes that are caused due to reaction. In the early stages Lyme disease shows symptoms such as fatigue, fever, chills, joint and muscle aches and headache.

How to prevent Lyme disease:

There are many ways that can spread the bacteria. You can minimize the spread of these bacteria and thus reduce the risk of Lyme disease. Here are some necessary precautions that you can take to prevent Lyme disease.

  • If you have pets in your house then it is very essential that you keep them clean and check them for any kind of infections regularly. These deer ticks that carry the infectious bacteria for Lyme disease are mostly found on your pets.
  • If your pets are falling ill frequently then consult a vet immediately and get it treated.
  • Clean your house regularly. These bacteria also breed on the rodents that are present in your house. This can also be a cause of infection.
  • Using pest control methods to get rid of the rodents present in your house will also help you reduce the risk of Lyme infection.
  • Spray repellents in your house. DEET repellents can also be used to prevent the infections caused by the bacteria.
  • If you are living in a area that is more prone to Lyme disease then prefer wearing full sleeved clothes. Also wear full pants throughout the day. Full clothes will act as a barrier. This will reduce the chances of tick bites.
  • The deer ticks are mostly found in places that are woody and covered with small bushes, so stay away from such places. IF there are such places around your house then you are likely to have the infection.
  • Places that are moist are also more susceptible to contract the Lyme disease among people. If you are living in a humid place then try using dehumidifiers to keep the place moist free and reduce the chance of infection.
  • If you had the infection by any chance then it is necessary that you take proper preventive precautions on time. Usually antibiotics are used in the treatment of Lyme disease.

Follow the suggestions that are given above to prevent Lyme disease.

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