How to Prevent Mad Cow Disease

Mad cow disease is also called Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) disease that makes a spongy degeneration in the spinal cord and the brains of the cow. This disease can also be contracted to humans from the cow. Usually young cattle are affected by this disease, and it can be prevented by improving the standards in rearing the cattle and knowing how to prevent mad cow disease.

Mad cow disease in humans:

The only way of transmission of this disease to humans is through the consumption of infected cow’s meat.

This disease when transmitted to humans from the cows is called as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This infection later affects some tissues of the body that gradually spreads to the other parts of the body. This disease has no cure.

How mad cow disease is caused in Cows:

Cattle feed on grass and we use lot of chemicals in the form of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers in the farm. We sometimes use meat and bone meal and left over slaughter in the farm for better yield. When the cattle eat such grass from the farms, it gets infected by the virus. Use of sick and injured animals for slaughter, increases the risk of mad cow disease in cows.

The virus infection is caused to the central nervous system of the cow, and it damages the functionality of the CNS

How can it be prevented in humans?

  • Choose the cattle you want to eat carefully. Cook it properly before eating; do not eat half cooked meat. Most of the bacteria and viruses are still alive if you do not cook the meat properly.
  • Buy beef from trusted shops.
  • Choose the meat that has no bone or close to bones. Meat that has solid muscle cuts is always safer to eat.
  • Avoid eating beef in restaurants. Many people like to eat beef in the form of hot dogs and sausage. Such people are at high risk of getting the infection.
  • In countries that frequently have the problem of mad cow disease; avoid eating beef.
  • It is seen that mad cow disease is not transmitted from the milk and milk products of the infected cow, even though it comes from the cow. So, it is always safe to buy and eat such products.

How can it be prevented in Cows?

  • Feed your cows a healthy food. Do not feed them with the grass and leftovers from the fields, that have been cultivated using excessive insecticides, pesticides, etc.
  • Food cultivated by using the slaughter of dead animals, should be strictly prohibited for the cows.
  • Do not allow your cows to feed on the droppings of other animals. Keep the surroundings of the cows clean and hygienic.
  • Many countries feed their cattle with the mammalian protein. This mammalian protein is given to the cows in the form of mammalian blood. Such things have been banned by the government, and the cattle owners should strictly prohibit them.
  • You should check your cattle regularly for any kind of infection or abnormalities in behavior.

There is no prevention against mad cow disease and Creutzfeldt-Jakob. Therefore, try the preventive measures given above and prevent the disease.

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