How to Prevent Maggots

Maggots are the larvae stage of the flies. They come into existence during the first 8 to 20 days after the flies lay eggs; these then grow into flies. To know how to prevent maggots, you should know how to get rid of flies in your house. These maggots can result from any type of flies, only if flies are allowed to lay eggs. They can spread infection to humans, so they need to be prevented and controlled.

Tips to prevent maggots:

  • Flies usually breed in garbage bins and on left-over food in the house. Clean your garbage bins regularly and dispose any left-over food immediately; do not keep it for a long time.
  • Dispose garbage in tightly covered bins, so that flies cannot breed on them.
  • Whenever you throw garbage in the bin, make sure that you cover the bin properly to prevent flies from entering inside it.
  • You can also use polythene bags inside the bins such that the garbage is removed completely and no debris is left for the flies in the bin. Throw away the garbage along with the polythene bag and use new ones each day.
  • Flies attack food, which is left uncovered. So, do not leave food uncovered.
  • Store the food in proper conditions. Keep hot food hot and cold food cold.
  • Flies love fruits. So, do not store fruits externally. Store them in the refrigerators.
  • Plastics are not environmentally safe, but they prevent fruits from flies. Use polythene bags to store fruits and never use paper bags.
  • Maggots usually grow easily in rotten and decomposing food. If there is any rotten food in your house, do not dispose it near your house. Dispose it in covered containers or decompose it under the soil in your backyard.
  • Garbage bins are also safe unless they do not contain any rotten food.
  • To neutralize the odor coming from the garbage bin, sprinkle drops of vinegar in the bin. Flies are attracted to the odor from the disposed garbage, doing this will attract less flies.
  • Adding drops of lime on the garbage will also help you in preventing the odor from the bin from spreading outside.
  • Use cleaning products with fragrance to clean garbage bins.
  • You can also use boiled water to wash the bins. Boiled water helps in killing the eggs laid by the flies, which can turn into maggots.
  • Clean your house with phenol. This will help you in repelling the flies and maggots.
  • You can also use camphor, eucalyptus and mint to keep flies away.
  • Use camphor balls in corners of your house and keep them away from your children.
  • You can also hang leaves of the herbs mint and eucalyptus in your house to repel these insects.

Using the tips given above, you can prevent maggots and the spread of infections caused due to them.

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