How to Prevent Nightmares

Dreams are images of emotions that we relive while we are in deep sleep. Fantasies that we live in dreams help the depressed parts of the mind to be satisfied. Dreams and nightmares keep rolling in the mind and often generate a manifestation of doubts, fear and anger in our mind. This article on how to prevent nightmares will give you some tips on preventing them.

When we are sleeping our brain goes through many stages in which the emotions, ideas and sensations get mixed with each other and create a new and imaginary image in our mind. If the thoughts that are revolving in our mind while sleep are negative then we get nightmares that disturb us physiologically if occurred frequently.

How to prevent nightmares:

The scientific study of dreams is called as oncology. Many people believe that we do not have any control over the nightmares, but they can be controlled to some extent by controlling certain factors during the day.

  • Do not allow your mind get flooded with worries, stress and tension while you are sleeping. Sleeping with all the problems in the mind is the main reason for nightmares.
  • You should try to relax before going to bed. Mild stretching exercises and meditation are best ways to relax. Also make sure that you do not exercise too much before going to sleep.
  • You can also take bath with warm water before going to bed. Herbal tea will also help you in relaxing. Drink it before going to bed.
  • Follow a routine; fix your times for sleeping and go to bed at the same time every day.
  • Eating lighter dinners before going to sleep are also helpful in preventing nightmares. Do not eat spicy food or fatty food at night. Heavy food at night is found to stimulate the hormone that is responsible for nightmares.
  • Create a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom. Use light colored curtains and keep a lamp beside your bed. Blue colored light in the bedroom is helpful in relaxing you down.
  • Pray before going to bed. Chanting God’s name for some time at the night will help in flushing all the bad thoughts out of the mind and help in rolling in good thoughts in the mind.
  • Keep yourself away from the vampires and do not read horror books or watch horror serials at night or during the day. Instead, try watching something funny on the TV before sleeping.
  • Read the Bible before bedtime. The thoughts that are expressed in the Bible will help you relax and provide you peace of mind.
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs take you into depression, which increases the risk of nightmares. Avoid them.
  • Frequent nightmares can be reduced by undergoing a therapy from a therapist.
  • If your children are getting frequent nightmares, then you should give them proper guidance and help them follow the tips that are given above to prevent nightmares.

The suggestions given above are surely helpful in preventing nightmares.

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