How to Prevent Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a disturbing and displeasing sound that is created by human activities. There are a large number of sources that are responsible for noise pollution around us; created by us. This unwanted noise can cause physical and physiological damage to us. To prevent yourself from the impacts of the noise pollution it is necessary that you know how to prevent noise pollution.

Noise pollution cause serious health hazards such as heart disease, anxiety, stress, headaches, etc. Preventing noise pollution is easier and here are some of the simple and effective tips to help you accomplish this task.

Tips to prevent noise pollution:

  • Plant more and more trees around your house. Trees absorb the sound that is generated by the vehicles or any other appliances in your house and help in reducing the noise pollution.
  • Listen to soothing music and prefer using headsets while hearing music.
  • When in parties, try to keep the level of noise minimal. If possible party in a sound proof room so that the sound does not go out of the room and create disturbance to others.
  • If your neighbors are making too much of noise then ask them to minimize the sound pollution.
  • Noise that is created by the vehicles on the street is the most annoying one and the major contributor of noise pollution.
  • We can limit the noise pollution on the streets by planting trees by the road sides.
  • Keep your vehicles in good condition. Check them regularly for any parts that have deteriorated and need to be replaced.
  • Spread awareness among people about the effects of noise pollution and encourage them to reduce noise pollution.
  • Use ear plugs. They will give you protection from the sound that is unbearable to your ears.
  • Equipments in the house such as blenders should be placed upon padding to reduce the vibrations and the frequency of sound.
  • Factories should use the machineries that make less noise. Replace all the machineries in the industries with the advanced ones that make less noise.
  • Noise limits should be stated by government to control the noise pollution from the industries and vehicles.
  • Noise barriers can be used on the streets to limit the sound pollution. These noise barriers are also called sound berm, soundwall or acoustical barrier. These are mainly used near railway tracks and industrial noise sources.

The tips given above are very helpful in prevent noise pollution. Follow them.

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