How to Prevent Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is the cancer that is mostly caused in the epithelial cells of the ovary. Sometimes ovarian cancer may also be caused because of the infection in the fallopian tubes, but this is a rare case. A wide range of symptoms are shown in a person suffering from ovarian cancer, so it becomes very difficult to diagnose the disease at early stage. This article on how to prevent ovarian cancer gives you some simple tips on preventing it.

Women suffering from ovarian cancer may show symptoms such as back pain, bloating, tiredness and frequent and urgent urination. These symptoms are shown in the early stages. As these symptoms are also shown in many other conditions it is difficult to diagnose that the person is suffering from ovarian cancer.

In severe cases, symptoms such as drastic weight loss, pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding are experienced. Here are some tips that will help you in preventing ovarian cancer.

How to prevent ovarian cancer:

These methods will help you in identifying the risk factors that can result in ovarian cancer. There are no methods that will help you with complete prevention against ovarian cancer.

  • Women who cross the age of 45 or 55 are at the risk of ovarian cancer. During this age women are in the transition state in which their body shows many hormonal changes that are responsible for menopause. This can cause ovarian cancer. It is necessary that women go for regular medical examinations to prevent the risk of ovarian cancer.
  • Women, who had ovarian cancer before, also have the risk of getting ovarian cancer later. Follow proper medication to prevent ovarian cancer and take proper advice from your doctor.
  • Other types of cancers in the body may also increase the risk of ovarian cancer, so it is essential to check the ovaries if you ever had any other cancer.
  • If you ever had ovarian cysts then as at the time of menopause these ovarian cysts can result into ovarian cancer.
  • A family history of ovarian cancer can also increase the chances of ovarian cancer. Any type of cancer in your family can increase the chance of ovarian cancer.
  • It is always safe to get pregnant at the age of 25 to 30 for women. During this age there are many changes in the reproductive system of women. If these changes do not occur normally then there may be abnormal growth in the cells of the ovaries as you age. This can result into ovarian cancer.
  • Allow your body to function and carry out all the changes that it is supposed to pass through in the proper time.
  • Women who don’t get pregnant are also at the risk of having ovarian cancer.
  • Women having repeated miscarriage also have the risk of ovarian cancer. They need have regular check-ups in order to detect any abnormalities.
  • If you notice any symptoms of ovarian cancer, then inform your doctor as early as possible. If the symptoms become severe then it is almost impossible to control them and save your life.

Follow the tips given above to prevent ovarian cancer. They have been very useful for many people.

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