How to Prevent Poverty

If you want to know how to prevent poverty, you should know how to stamp out the causes of poverty. Many developing countries have to suffer the problem of poverty. This is not because those countries are really poor, but because the finances in those countries are not properly distributed among all classes of the population.  Here are some best and useful tips on poverty eradication.

How to prevent poverty:

Control population:

  • Increasing population is the main problem, which is responsible for poverty in most of the developing countries.
  • Boundaries should be set for the number of children each couple can have. Couples should be encouraged for family planning.
  • They should be explained the impact of increasing population, on their financial status.
  • Education system should also educate the young population about the impacts of alarming population increase.

Proper money circulation:

  • Government has to be aware and make proper plans to see that money is properly circulated in all classes of the population.
  • Accumulation of wealth in few hands will make the other classes of the population poorer.
  • Government should make people aware of the options of getting self-sufficient.
  • People who are below the poverty line and have low incomes should be offered business training and should be provided potential support for the same.
  • Poor people who have good business ideas should be provided small loans with smaller interest rates to pursue their business ideas.

Provide educational facilities:

  • Proper education facilities will help in improving the financial status of the poor classes. Education helps a man to improve his/her status.
  • Educational facilities should be provided equally for all the classes of the population.
  • Countries educations system should look for the benefits and reach the poor population of the country.
  • Free education and scholarships should be provided for people who cannot afford education.
  • Make sure all children get equal opportunities for learning.
  • Provide reservation quotas for the poor classes of population.

Teach money saving strategies:

  • The best way to prevent poverty is, save money. Teach people strategies to save money. Educate people about money and the ways for retaining money with them.
  • Let people know, how to spend money and where to invest money and save it.
  • Lessons about handling money should be given to children in schools and colleges as well.
  • Arrange classes on budge management for children.
  • Guide children not to spend money unnecessarily on drugs, alcohol, gambling and violence, etc. It is just waste of money and they could suffer from a financial crisis in future.

Provide equal opportunities of job:

  • Job opportunities should be generated for the young population of the country. They are the future of the country.
  • Encourage young entrepreneurs for business so that there is enough amounts of job opportunities for the working sector of the population.
  • Filter the unemployed population and look for the alternatives they can adapt to earn money.
  • Provide assistance and explore new employment sectors such that people know their importance and the money they can earn through such channels.

For the economic development of the country, it is necessary that you look into the matter of poverty seriously and know how to prevent it. The above suggestions will help you in the same.

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