How to Prevent Procrastination

It is the natural tendency of human beings and everyone one of us must have experienced it. We usually delay doing things for various reasons. If you delay doing work then at some point of time it reaches the stage where it cannot be ignored and takes lots of effort and stress. There is hardly any benefit of procrastination and you should try hard to fight it back using the tips given in this how to prevent procrastination.

How to prevent procrastination:

Break it into bits:

  • If you feel that a particular task is going to take too long for its completion then try to break it into bits and prepare a schedule for performing each task.
  • It will be easier for you to accomplish your tasks in this way and also reduce your work load.
  • Once you start practicing this, you will be surprised to see how easy it is.

Reward yourself:

  • Whenever you complete your tasks you should reward yourself for it. You can reward yourself by buying a new outfit and going out with your friends having dinner with them.
  • You can do anything that will help you make happy.
  • If someone has completed the task then you can keep their enthusiasm alive by rewarding them as well.
  • Simple gifts, chocolate or greetings can also help a lot.
  • They will help in creating positive vibes around you and increase your confidence and interest.

Don’t be lazy:

  • Many people delay doing things due to laziness. Try not to say “I will do it tomorrow”, because tomorrow never comes and you will never complete your work.
  • Do something that will help you keep your interest in doing the work alive.
  • Take a break of few minutes in between and chat with your friends, listen to music, go for a walk for some time so that you can create a pleasant atmosphere around you for a while.
  • This will help you get out of stress and help you do your work efficiently.

Complete the tasks you haven’t finished:

  • If you have delayed any task, then first you should think of some strategies that will help you in completing those tasks.
  • No matter how long it takes, first complete those tasks which you have left undone for a long time.
  • If you are not able to do it in a single shot, then do it bitwise. Divide such tasks in small bits and accomplish it.
  • This usually happens with students. If any topic is tough then they delay studying it. Sometimes, we are not done with our studies even while we are sitting in the examination hall to write our exams. This can cause a great deal of loss.
  • You should set your mind to complete such difficult tasks. Trying to do such tasks, breaking them into small pieces will help you in finishing them.
  • First try to plan for those tasks which are difficult and then go to the easy ones.

Aim for success:

  • People who aim for success never fall in the trap of procrastination. You should always try to look for improvements and aim for success.
  • This will help you in doing things and help in creating enthusiasm.
  • Even if you fail to achieve success, you should not give up and try harder next time.
  • Even if you have made progress in your work, you have made a huge success; be satisfied with whatever you get and maintain your greed towards achieving success. This will surely help you in doing your tasks.

Plan your tasks:

  • Giving yourself deadlines is always helpful. Doing this, you will be able to minimize the work stress.
  • If somebody has assigned you some work then you need not wait until he assigns you the deadlines. Instead create your deadlines yourself and plan your tasks wisely.
  • When you set deadlines you need not wait until the last moment. Try to complete the tasks as early as possible.
  • Stick to your plans and do your work accordingly.
  • You should be able to understand the work properly before planning for it so that it will help you in deciding the deadlines.
  • If in case you fail to go according to your plans due to some reason, you should immediately search for some alternatives.
  • You should have self-discipline and determination towards your work so that nothing can drag you back.

Get organized:

  • When you are not organized then you are probably going to procrastinate.
  • To prevent procrastination it is necessary that you get organized.
  • People who are well organized hardy face any failure as they are not procrastinated.

The tips given above will surely help you prevent procrastination and help you in loving the work you are assigned.

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