How to Prevent Rape

Every morning when you open the newspaper, you notice at least one news of a women being raped. There is not even a single day that news channels do not flash news of rape. Every second there are millions of rape cases, most of which get unnoticed. At least one out of five women must have been in such a situation. The information about how to prevent rape, given in this article will be very helpful for the teenagers and every woman.

One of my friends had been in such a situation. She works in a software company in night shifts. She returns home late nights after completing her shift. That night, as usual she was late. It was midnight when a man started following her on lonely street. She was afraid and was sweating out of fear, but could escape from the trap. Till date she is afraid of going out.

No one should experience such a situation in their lives. The tips given below will surely help you.

Stay Alert:

  • The first thing you need to do is know your surroundings.
  • If you feel you are in danger, instead of fearing, scream loudly for help.
  • Avoid interacting and going out with men who are unknown to you.
  • Rapists look for women who can be taken hold of easily, so always look around your surroundings while walking on the streets which are lonely.
  • Avoid talking on your cell phones or using i-pods while walking or jogging, early in the morning.
  • Do not ask for lifts on such streets. It is always safe to carry your own purse and hire a taxi to get back to your house.
  • Keep the number of police station in your emergency dial so that if you come across such situations, you can easily call the police for help.

High alert places:

  • Places like parking lots, places with poor lighting, discotheques and pubs and places with fewer crowds, are prone to risk of rapists.
  • Women should avoid going to such places. Even if they go, it is better that they go in groups or know some defense mechanisms so that they can protect themselves.
  • Jogging parks are also risky places. Rapists usually pick their victims early in the morning between 5 a.m. to 8.30 am.
  • Joggers need to be very careful and carrying some weapon with them while jogging would be a good idea.
  • Avoid places with bushes and alleyways when you are walking and jogging.
  • If you are sitting in your car then make sure that the doors are properly locked. Do not leave the doors open when you are sitting in a car in the parking lots.
  • Do not get into vehicles of unknown people. You may put yourself into risk doing this.

Learn defense techniques:

  • There are many defense techniques that can help you in protecting yourself. You can contact the police station for learning these defensive techniques.
  • There is a basic self defense course offered by the police. The Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) course will be very helpful for you to protect yourself from this dangerous trap.
  • Whenever a guy tries to reach you, bend his fingers backwards with as much pressure as you can such that he screams of pain and you can easily escape from him.
  • Always carry something in your purse that can help you hurt the attacker. You can use an umbrella or your purse itself as a weapon to hit the attacker.
  • If you are trained enough and comfortable to carry a gun or a knife then you can also carry them with you. It is essential that you have the permit to carry them. Carrying weapons illegally would be a reason to put you behind the bars.
  • If you have pepper spray with you then as soon as the attacker reaches you, spray it in their eyes and run away from there.

Be careful at parties:

  • Do not drink if you cannot withstand the drink.
  • Never ever accept drinks from others in parties. If you are on a date. it is safe, not to accept a drink from your date, unless you know the person well enough so that you can trust him.
  • Try not to be rude with people at the parties, because sometimes if you insult someone in the parties with an intention of taking revenge they try to harm you.
  • Many women are attacked in bathrooms and ladies rooms of clubs if they are deserted. Be careful in such places.
  • Wear proper clothes when you are going for the parties. You attire is the main thing that attract men in such places and make you their victim.

Have confidence in yourself:

  • This is one of the important factors that every woman should have. If you lack in confidence while speaking with men they take your advantage.
  • If someone is giving you unwanted attention and trying to make unwanted sexual advances then no need to be polite with such people. It can be dangerous to you.
  • Ask them to back off, with a strict and confident voice. This mainly happens in the workplaces such as offices.
  • Do not allow your male colleagues to take unwanted advantage of you.

Sometimes women are also responsible for inviting this situation due to various activities that can cause trouble to them. Every woman should follow the tips given above, especially women below the age group of 18, who are the most potential victims.

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