How to Prevent Relapse

Relapsing on drugs and alcohol is a result of the changes in the physiological condition of a person that could be dangerous to his social life. It is very hard for people who relapse on these addictives to battle against stopping the use of them. Here are some tips that will help you know how to prevent relapse.

Tips to prevent relapse:

  • To prevent relapse, you have to stop drinking alcohol and taking. You need to plan some strategies that will help you in the same.
  • Know the facts about drug and alcohol consumption, and their effects on the body.
  • If you are stressed or dissatisfied with your job or relationships, there are other ways than relying on drugs and alcohol to get relief. Know them and use them to get relief from stress.
  • Always try to surround yourself with people who are supportive and helpful to you; people who will give you a positive attitude towards life and increase your confidence whenever you need it.
  • Some times overconfidence and a feeling of excitement could also drive you towards alcohol. You may become overconfident and feel that you no longer need people around you and you no longer need anyone’s support. Such people may also get addicted to alcohol.
  • Do not be too hard on yourself. Some people set unrealistic goals, which are impossible to achieve, and in an attempt to achieve them, they take support of drugs and alcohols. You must have heard of athletes and sportsmen who take help of drugs to increase their endurance and vigor to achieve their goals.
  • Reward yourself for the work you do. Always appreciate yourself. Buy gifts, chocolates, new clothes whenever you achieve something. This will increase your confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Many a times, when you are confused and unable to take some important decision in life, you are probably at the risk of getting addicted to drugs. Instead of using alcohol and drugs, take help from people who are supportive, discuss your problems with your family and friends.
  • Change in lifestyle can also help you in preventing relapse. Some people are so much involved in the problems within their relationships that it is difficult for them to get out of their problems. In such situations, they have to look for some change in their life. This will help in rejuvenating and creating new energies in them.
  • Give some time for yourself. Pursuing your hobbies and developing new hobbies and keeping yourself busy in family gatherings are helpful in preventing addiction.
  • Connect with new people and try to be satisfied and happy with whatever you have. Planning for picnics will help you get out of the stress and tension that you have due to the work.
  • There are certain situations, which trigger your feelings and urge you to have drugs. Pay attention towards such situations and avoid getting into them.
  • Get to the root cause of your problem. You must have been addicted due to some reasons, try to solve your problem and you will automatically address addiction.

Leading a sober and clean life is very hard once you get addicted to alcohol and drugs. Tips given above will help you in doing so.

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