How to Prevent RROD

Red Ring of Death is the most common problem with Xbox 360. This mainly happens due to the overheating problems of the CPU case. The CPU case overheats as a large amount of heat is released in very less time through the processor. There are many problems of overheating and the fatal red ring of death with the Xbox 360 is one of them. Understanding some of the preventive measures, you will be able to know how to prevent RROD.

Tips to prevent red ring of death:

  • Proper placement of the CPU case is very essential to prevent it form being overheated.
  • Never place the Xbox 360 case vertically. A vent is provided at the bottom of the case. If you place it vertically, it will close this vent and no air will be allowed to pass through this vent. This will heat the case gradually. Therefore, place it in such a manner that cold air is allowed to move in and hot air expels out easily.
  • Never place the case in cupboards or in any compact places. This will occupy the empty space around the case, which will not allow cold air to move freely around the case.
  • Never make a mistake of placing it on the carpet. This will completely block the vents and cause excessive heating of the system.
  • Place it on an open table. Do not keep anything around the case that will surround it completely and not allow the air to move properly.
  • Place it near the window such that it gets fresh and cool air regularly.
  • Never switch off the game directly from the main switch. Follow systematic process while switching the game off. This will reduce the pressure on the hard drive. If there is lot of pressure on the hard drive, the temperature of the CPU increases gradually and flashes red ring of death.
  • If you have switched off the game directly from the main switch, switch it on again and switch it off or else you may damage your game box.
  • Clean the case regularly. There may be lot of dust in the vents as the air is allowed to pass through them. When the air moves, it carries dust particles and other foreign particles which can make the vents and the internal parts of the case sticky and dusty.
  • Dust when accumulates on the CPU and other parts, act as an insulator and helps in increasing the internal temperature as they do not allow the generated heat to pass out.
  • Use a clean cloth and clean the vents regularly. You should also open the case occasionally, clean the internal components, and fix them in their place.
  • If you are not experienced, you should ask a professional to get the internal components cleaned.
  • Do not play continuously for long time. If you notice that your system is being heated more than usual, turn it off immediately to prevent it from red ring of death. Shut it down completely from the main switch and let it cool down.

The suggestion given above to prevent Xbox 360 will help you in preventing the red ring of death.

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