How to Prevent Scurvy

Scurvy is a disease, which is caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in the human body. As this disease is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C, solution to this disease is abundant intake of vitamin C. This article on how to prevent scurvy gives you some simple tips that will help you in including required amount of vitamin C in your diet and help you prevent scurvy.

Initially scurvy was found to be common among sailors as they did not get enough amount of vitamin C. Sailors used to travel long distances on the sea and were deprived of fresh fruits and vegetables, therefore it was common among them.
How to Prevent Scurvy

  • Scurvy is characterized by formation of spots on the skin. These spots are more prominent on the thighs and legs.
  • It can also cause bleeding from the mucous membranes.
  • It also makes the gums spongy and if the disease persists for long time it can even lead to loss of teeth.
  • Scurvy also leads to bleeding from the skin which causes discoloration of the skin and it also affects the healing process of the wounds.
  • A person suffering from scurvy may also suffer depression.

Preventive measures for scurvy:

Preventing scurvy is very easy and it is very rarely seen among people nowadays. Here are some tips that will help you in preventing it.

  • Eat plenty of food items that contain vitamin C. Fruits are a rich source of vitamin C and they should be included in your diet regularly.
  • Include lot of citrus foods in your diet as they will help you in lot in providing necessary amounts of vitamin C.
  • Pineapple, Indian gooseberry, oranges and papaya are also found to be very rich in vitamin C.
  • Other sources of vitamin C include broccoli, parsley, cabbage, sprouts, strawberries, etc. All these sources of vitamin C when included in sufficient amounts in your diet will help you in preventing scurvy.
  • You should eat fresh fruits, because fresh fruits contain vitamin C in more proportion. If food items are stored or heated for long time then vitamin C is lost easily from it, so do not store or heat them for long time.
  • Amla or Indian gooseberry is the best source of vitamin C. If you are deficient in vitamin C then you can mix a spoon full of amla powder with sugar, mix it with milk and drink regularly. This will help you in getting vitamin C.
  • If mother feeds her child with breast milk then the child will never be deficient in vitamin C, because breast milk is the best natural source of vitamin C for infants.
  • Babies who are fed with ordinary milk are found to be deficient in vitamin C as the process of pasteurization destroys vitamin C present in the milk, so don’t feed your children with bottled milk.
  • Do not depend upon artificial sources of vitamin C as they are not synthesized by your body completely until there is an emergency.

The simple preventive tips given in this article are very helpful for preventing scurvy.

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