How to Prevent Silverfish

Silverfish are the silver grey insects found in humid areas of the house. These insects have a fish like appearance and their movement while locomotion also resembles fish, hence the name. You can easily prevent the infestation of these insects and also eliminate them by knowing how to prevent silverfish.

These insects feed on anything such as glue, bookbinding, starch in clothes, wheat flour, rayon fabrics, etc. These creatures mostly like to eat starchy and sugary foods. They can create nascence in your house once they enter your house. If you found any of these slippery cylindrical creatures in the basements, near the bathtub, washbasin, you will probably find them in the other places of your house within few days.

Here are some tips that will help you in eliminating silverfish as well as preventing them.

  • Sanitation is the key to prevent silverfish or any other pests in your house. Therefore, follow proper sanitation in your house.
  • Places such as bathrooms and basins in the kitchen are most of the time damp and humid. There is high probability of finding silver fish in such places.
  • Keep these places dry and examine them regularly. Use disinfectants in such places so as to kill any infections in there.
  • These insects are also found in stacks of books, newspapers and fabrics.
  • Do not keep old newspapers in the house for long time.
  • Books should be dusted regularly. Remove all the books at least once in a month, dust them properly, and rearrange them. Keeping the books in the sun for some time will also help in killing the infections if any, in the books.
  • Too much humidity in the basements and inside your house also attracts silverfish. Control the humidity levels in your house. Use of ceiling fans and dehumidifiers in the house and the basements will help you in controlling the humidity in the house.
  • Ventilate your house and the basements properly. Poor ventilation will not allow the air to move in and out of the house. If sun rays and air in adequate in your house there is less chances of any kind of insect manifestation in your house.
  • To eliminate the silverfish from your house and prevent them from re-entering your house, spray insecticides near the basins, pipes, books, etc.
  • If you have any leaking faucets and pipes in your house, fix them immediately. Silverfish are mostly seen near the pipes; especially, leaking pipes, as they provide enough dampness for them.
  • To prevent your food from silverfish, always store the food in sealed containers. Especially, food items which you store in bulk for many days as they are frequently needed.
  • Wooden furniture can have molds and mildew. If your furniture has any such infection, eliminate it. Such infections will increase the risk of silverfish.
  • Cleaning the house using a vacuum cleaner will help you in eliminating the insects effectively.
  • You will also get silverfish powder in any of the DIY stores. Get them and spray them in every corner of the house where you find the risk of silverfish infestation. These powders can be poisonous; keep them away from your children.
  • If there are only a handful of silverfish in your house and you want to have some fun, you can catch them using a glass jar. Chase the silverfish with a glass jar with a masking tape outside. As it climbs in, close the lid of the jar and eliminate it. You can also coat these jars with honey to attract them.
  • You can also place a trap coated with honey to attract these insects near the damp areas and catch hold of them. This is not so effective, but helpful if you have small children in your house as this is an environmentally safe and non-poisonous method of eliminating these insects.

Silverfish are harmless to humans, but their presence in your house indicates lack of sanitation and cleanliness, so take the precautions given above to prevent them.

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