How to Prevent Slugs

Slugs are the soft, slimy snail like creatures that are mostly found in the damp areas of the house and in gardens. Slugs are the grave problem with every gardener. You can prevent the slugs in your house by reducing the dampness in the house. To prevent the slugs in the gardens, organic as well as inorganic methods are available. Knowing the tips on how to prevent slugs, you can prevent these creatures from multiplying in your house as well as in the gardens.

Preventing slugs in house:

  • Slugs are usually found in damp areas such as bathrooms, pipes, basins and water tanks in your house.
  • Try to reduce dampness in such areas of the house.
  • If there are leakages in the plumbing system in your house, seal them immediately. If water leaks for a long time from these pipes, the dampness surrounding it increases the chances of the slugs in that region.
  • Seal the holes and cracks in the walls. Slugs may find place in such holes and start living and reproducing there.
  • Do not keep too much waste in your garden. This will increase the slug population in your garden, which can further enter your house.

Preventing slugs in the garden:

There are organic as well as inorganic methods for preventing slugs in the gardens. Both these measures are effective, but the organic ones are environmentally safe to use. Therefore, many people prefer using them.

  • Create a barrier of dichotomous earth around the plants that are susceptible to slugs. This sedimentary rock barrier should be at least 3 to 4 inches wide so that it can keep the slugs away from the plants effectively.
  • Slugs get an electric shock when they come in contact with copper. Therefore, copper tape stripes and copper mesh bands can also be used to prevent the plants from these slugs.
  • Do not keep wastes such as dried leaves, weeds of plants and plant cutout for long time in the garden. Slugs grow easily in such garbage.
  • In case of severe slug problem, use slug bait, prefer using organic slug baits as they have fewer side effects on the plants in the garden.
  • Slugs are attracted to the smell of yeast from beer. Therefore, you can also use beer traps near the plants, which are susceptible to slugs.
  • Fill a container with beer and dig a hole in the ground near the plant, bury this container in the ground keeping the lid of the container open. Slugs get attracted to the smell of beer and plunge into the container. Empty the container and frequently refill it with fresh beer.
  • You can also pick each slug with your hand, if less in number. This is a tedious job but is the safest way to prevent slugs.
  • Wooden planks can also be used in garden beds. Slugs try to hide between the wooden planks to protect themselves from sun. You can then remove them from here all at once, instead of picking them one by one.
  • Spray vinegar on the plants to prevent them from slugs. It is very helpful in slug prevention.
  • Pesticides are the inorganic way of slug prevention. A huge list of pesticides is available in the market, which provides protection from these slugs. They can be injurious to our health, so they should not be used immensely.

Following the tips given above and you can prevent slugs in the garden and prevent them from spoiling your plants and hygiene in your house.

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