How to Prevent Snakes

“Snakes”, these slippery serpents, even by their name create a terror amongst people. Some snakes are venomous while some are non-venomous. There is a huge list of species of snakes each with a distinguishing look and characteristics. Some of the species of snakes are useful for your gardens and farms as they eliminate rodents. If you wish to know how to prevent snakes, here are some useful tips.

Tips to prevent snakes:

To understand snake prevention, you need to know the favorable conditions where snakes love to live. Eliminating these favorable conditions, you can prevent snakes in a better way.

  • Snakes mostly look for damp and moist places inside the house. If you are living in a snake prone area, it is necessary that you keep your house dry and do not allow water logging in the house.
  • Snakes are most of the times found in the bathrooms, near the basins in the kitchen and in the backyards where they get enough moisture and cold conditions to live.
  • Examine such places regularly. Keep them dry always.
  • Eliminate all the hiding places for the snakes. They usually hide behind the brushes, shower and the pipes running in your bathrooms. Make sure that you do not provide any hiding places for the snakes.
  • Remove big rocks and piles from the backyard or farms, where snakes can hide. Snakes look for warmth in such places and hide there.
  • You can also construct a snake proof fence around your house and the backyard, so that they do not creep into your house. This fence should be at least 6 inches in height and slanted in outward direction making it difficult for the snakes to creep in.
  • Snakes can also enter your house through the basements. Seal any openings in the basement area. If there are spaces for ventilation in the basement, protect them with a wire mesh so that snakes cannot pass through it.
  • When you are sleeping or during night, keep the windows and doors closed. Also, seal the doors and windows with the mesh to prevent snakes.
  • Snakes can enter your house and garden to satisfy their hunger. Control the number of rodents and insects in your house and in the farms as these are the primary sources of food for snakes.
  • Use snake repellents in your house. Mothballs will also help you in preventing snakes. Keep mothballs in the corners of your house but make sure that they do not reach your child’s hand.
  • In the gardens, keep the grass low trimmed. Snakes are shy animals; they look for places to hide. Bushy places are good hiding places for snakes, so cut down the grass as it grows frequently.
  • If there are piles of dried grass and leaves in your garden, dispose it immediately. Snakes also hide in such places during the day as they look for heat from sun.
  • Examine such places regularly.
  • You can also use snake traps at the junction of the fence and at corners of the doors and windows.

Following the tips given above, you can prevent these poisonous creeping serpents from your house.

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