How to Prevent Spam

You might be fed up of the uninvited bulk e-mails in your inbox. This spam can induce viruses in your system and you are probably at the risk of losing some useful information from your inbox. This article on how to prevent spam gives you some important tips that will protect your inbox from these junk messages.

If you are already getting many spam e-mails in your inbox I would advise you to change your e-mail address as early as possible. Take proper precautionary measures to prevent your new e-mail id from the spammers.

There are many types of spam such as mobile phone messaging spam, e-mail address social networking spam, UseNet groups spam, web search engine spam, etc. The most common of them is e-mail address spam. Harvested address spam, domain name spam, virus spam, hacked mail server spam, domain name spam, etc are some of the types of e-mail address spam. Here are some tips that will prevent you from getting spam messages in your inbox.

Tips to prevent spam:

Preventing harvested address spam:

  • Harvested address spam is the most common type of spam. “Crawlers’ and “Spiders’ are the software of Google that continuously crawl on all the websites to gather information from them which they can use for further processing. These crawlers also capture your e-mail address if they are present on the website and add them to the spammers’ databases that send you spam.
  • To prevent such spamming you need to create a new e-mail id and make sure that it is not published online.
  • If you need to publish your e-mail id on the website then publish it in an encrypted format.
  • You can also publish your e-mail id on the websites as “xyzATdomainnameDOTcom” instead of publishing it as “”.
  • You can also prevent this type of spam by making the “@” as an image. This is because the crawlers look for the “@” symbol in web pages and if they get it then your e-mail address gets added to the database which can be easily available to the spammers.

To check whether your e-mail id is published online, you can type your e-mail id in the search box in Google and find whether it is shown in the search results. If it is shown then your e-mail id is probably in the spammers list.

Preventing virus spam:

  • If your computer is infected by a virus then you may probably send a virus spam to the e-mail ids that are stored in the address book of your computer.
  • The virus sends spam to every e-mail id that is stored in your address book. To make sure that you don’t send any such spam to your friends you should install good quality anti-virus in your system and update it frequently.
  • There is no method that will give you protection against receiving such messages. A good spam filter installed in your system will help you in deleting such spam as soon as they come to your inbox.

Installing anti-spam software:

  • Installing anti-spam software such as spam blockers and spam filers in your system will enable you to identify between spam mails and the mails which are not spam.
  • ‘Spam Bayes’ is one such anti-spam software.
  • is also a free software which is available online that will manage your mails.

Preventing domain name spam:

  • People who own a domain name must have come across this type of spam. If you hold a generic email address then you are at high risk of receiving such spam. Some of the generic domain names are mail@, info@, sales@, contact@, contacts@, enquiries@, etc.
  • To prevent this type of spam, use less common domain names.

Do not participate in contests:

  • Asking you to participate in contests and guaranteeing you prizes is also one of the method that spammers use to send to spam.
  • If you respond to such mails or forward such mails to your friends then you may probably invite the spammers to send spam to you and allow the viruses to enter your system.

Preventing dictionary spam:

  • This type of spam rarely occurs if your mail service providers are not provided with anti-spam systems. If your e-mail is getting spammed frequently then this can be one of the causes of the spam. In this case you need to switch to some other service provider.
  • To send this type of spam, the spammer guesses any email address and sends bulk of spam to this email id, targeting many other users of the service providers in similar manner.

Preventing Windows messenger spam:

  • Most of you must be familiar of this type of spam. You may be getting pop up boxes on your screen named “Messenger Service”. This is the windows messenger spam. To prevent such spam, you need go to the control box and change the setting of your Windows Messenger.

Steps for changing the settings of the windows Messenger:

  • Step 1: Go to the administrative tools in the control panel.
  • Step 3: Double click on the Services.
  • Step 3: Scroll down and highlight “Messenger”.
  • Step 4: Now, right-click on it and choose properties. Then click on the stop button.
  • Step 5: Change the setting of Startup type scroll bar to manual or disable.
  • Step 6: Finally, click on ‘ok’ button.

These steps many vary little bit according to the version of the operating system that you are using on your system. In certain operating systems such as, Windows 98 and Windows ME it is not possible to disable the messenger service.

Preventing hacked mail service spam:

  • The spammers may hack your e-mail id or the ISPs. To prevent such kind of spam you need to be careful while you are signing-up for an e-mail account with a particular service provider, especially when the window prompting you to ask you check in the check boxes from which you want to receive the emails.
  • Do not select unwanted sites to send you mails.

Don’t open or read junk mails:

  • Opening a junk mail is the most common method that many of you add yourself to the spammers list.
  • These junk mails can contain an HTML code that responds to the spammers and provide them validation to send you spam.

The tips given above will surely help you in preventing the spam in your e-mail address. Follow them if you don’t want to receive any spam in future.

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