How to Prevent Spiders

I am very much scared of spiders. When I see spiders climbing up on the walls I really get scared and can’t sleep at nights. The infection caused due to spider bites is also very injurious to health. They can spread infection in the food as well, if they come in contact with the food. I did not know how to prevent spiders. One of my friends suggested me some preventive measure which I tried, and to my surprise they were very helpful.

I would like to share these tips with you and help you in preventing spiders in your house.

Tips to prevent spiders:

When spiders bite they inject a small amount of venom in the body of the person they bite. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent them.

  • Do not keep any clutter in your house. Spiders usually look for places such as wooden logs, piles of paper and clothes which have been left untouched for many days in your house.
  • Throw them out of the house or try to keep your store rooms clean and tidy.
  • If there are spiders in your basements or store rooms, then there is a probability that they enter your living space as well. Try to keep these places clean and do not keep waste and unwanted things there.
  • Dust the webs if any in your house. Spiders usually make webs on the ceiling, in the corners of the house, in the gaps between the cupboards and behind the doors.
  • Make sure that you clean such places regularly, at least once in a week.
  • When you clean these webs, if you find any spiders on the walls and ceiling, then chase them and kill them on the spot. You will also find spider eggs in the corners of your house, destroy them as well.
  • We usually find spiders below the bed. Have a look below your bed before going to bed. If you find any spider webs or spiders beneath the bed, clean them using a duster.
  • Buy good quality dusters to dust the dust in your house. Places which are unreachable should be cleaned using vacuum cleaner.
  • If there are any cracks in the walls and ceiling, then seal them. Sealing the cracks on the exteriors as well as interiors is important to keep spiders away from your house.
  • Spiders are attracted to cardboard boxes as they provide enough warmth to them. If there are any cardboard boxes in your house, then replace them by plastic or metal containers. These plastic and metal containers last longer and do not attract spiders.
  • Spray your house with a pesticide or insecticide, at least once a year. It is helpful for keeping pests such as spiders, termites and cockroaches away from your house.
  • It is best to paint your house at least once in a year so that the spider eggs on the walls and ceiling are removed completely.
  • If you have bought a new house, then before shifting to your new house clean it properly. Paint your new house and spray pesticides in every corner of your house before you arrange your furniture in the house.

I tried these preventive measures, and they are very effective in preventing spiders. You can also try them in your house.

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