How to Prevent Sunburn

Excessive exposure to sun causes sunburns. If you are exposing you skin to sun continuously for prolonged period then there is risk of having skin cancer due to the harmful ultra violet radiations emitted by the sun. Exposure to sun to some extent is very essential to get vitamin D, but excessive exposure causes sunburn or peeling of the skin. This article on how to prevent sunburn gives you simple tips on preventing sunburns.

People who have lighter skin tone are more likely to have sun burn as their skin contains less amount of melanin which helps in giving protection against the sun radiations. Therefore, people with lighter skin tone need take more precautions as compared to those with a little darker tone.
How to Prevent Sunburn
How to prevent sunburns:

  • Sun’s rays have high intensity during the 10 am to 4 pm time period. You need to avoid exposure to sun rays during this time.
  • Avoid going out during this time if possible. If it is not possible for you to stay at home during this time then you need to use some protection against sun rays.
  • If you are leaving out when it is too sunny then wear a scarf or put on some sunscreen lotion that will prevent sun rays from reaching your skin directly. They act as a protective layer on your skin.
  • When you are using a sun screen lotion on your skin make sure that it has a high SPF. The SPF of your sun screen lotion should be at least 15 to give you protection against the harmful sun rays.
  • Wear clothes that will cover your body completely whenever you are about to go out of the house when the sun’s rays are at high intensity.
  • Applying aloe vera will also help you in preventing sunburn. If have got sunburn then you can apply aloe vera to the sun burnt area to prevent any kind of further infection.
  • Whenever you go out when it is sunny then try to look for some shade and walk in a shady area.
  • You can use an umbrella that will protect you from the sun and prevent sunburn.
  • You can take aspirin if you are affected by sunburn. Aspirin if taken at an early stage will help you in preventing the condition from getting worse.
  • Do not expose your skin to the sun if you are already affected by sunburn. This can worsen the condition and cause peeling of the skin.
  • People who are already affected by sunburn need to take extra care.
  • Some people lie in the sun purposefully to seek tan. Avoid doing this. This can damage your skin and cause the skin to burn.
  • Do not wear woolen or synthetic clothes when you are going out in the sun as such clothes increase the warmth in your body, trapping the heat.
  • Wear cotton clothes when you are going out. Cotton clothes which are light in color are the best clothes to prevent you from sunburn.

Follow the preventive measures given above to prevent sunburn and peeling of the skin that is caused due to sunburn.

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