How to Prevent Sweating

Many of us experience the problem of excessive sweating, which can sometimes cause a little more than just embarrassment. Sweating is most common in the palms, underarms, facial tissues, back and feet, where the most commonly stressed issue is armpit sweating. Sweating is a natural process carried out by our body, to remove the toxins out of the body. It also helps keep our body cool, by adapting its temperature to the environment, and keeping it balanced at all times.

excessive sweatingWhen perspiration occurs in excess, it is called as sweating. This problem needs to be cured as early as possible before it leads to further complications such as inconvenience, feeling of being not fresh and clean etc, and may result in rashes. A person suffering from such a situation has excessive sweating throughout the day; time and season doesn’t matter. It also causes wet stains on the clothes and produces a pungent odor which can be irritating to many people.

The major factors that are responsible for causing excessive sweating are obesity, menopause, hyperthyroidism, etc. It may be also due to certain body activities like excretion, tension and anxiety. Sometimes, our body’s reaction to certain foods may occur in the form of sweating. Sweating can also be hereditary, and studies state that most people face sweating problems due to hereditary issues. When excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis comes to your notice, it is a matter of concern, and you should take some necessary measures given in this article in order to prevent excessive sweating.

Preventing sweating of your feet:

  • Often, people who wear shoes throughout the day, experience their feet becoming wet because of sweating. To prevent sweating while you’re on the go, sprinkle some talcum powder on your feet, prior to wearing shoes or socks. Make sure that the feet are completely dry before you wear shoes. You can also scrub your feet with an antibacterial soap to prevent it from sweating. Avoid wearing shoes for a long period, if possible.
  • Remove your shoes for some time, while you are at your desk at work, and switch to flip-flops at home, so that your feet can breathe in free air. You can also opt for ventilated shoes that allow your feet to breathe.
  • Clean your socks frequently and wear clean socks daily
  • Foot sprays and foot powders are also available which can be used to prevent sweating of the feet

Ways to prevent sweating on palms:

  • Sweating on palms can also be reduced by sprinkling talcum powder on the palms and between the fingers. You can also use corn starch instead of talcum powder.
  • Use antiperspirant sprays that are easily available in any medical store
  • If you have a habit of keeping your hand in the pockets, try avoiding it to have your palms subjected to free air

How to prevent sweating on face:

  • You can apply talcum or compact powder on your face daily. Applying it after bath or whenever you wash your face will be very helpful. Do not apply over a sweaty face, as this may block the pores of the facial tissue, and can cause acne or pimples.
  • You can use clay-based moisturizers to prevent sweating on face. Note that oil/cream based moisturizers and sunscreen lotions will only fuel the sweating.
  • Make it a habit to carry dry or wet facial tissues
  • Wash your face with cool water three to four times a day, and clean with a clean tissue or piece of cloth
  • Applying aloe vera on the face will also help to reduce sweating on the face

Steps to prevent sweating in armpits:

  • underarm-sweatingThis is the most common problem almost every one faces. You can prevent it by spraying talcum powder in your armpits. If the sweating is too much such that it is causing excessive stains on your clothes and making your clothes wet then simply applying the talcum powder will not help you.
  • Use deodorants along with the talcum powder, because they help in reducing the odor that is caused because of sweating.
  • You can use antiperspirants that are available for reducing sweating underarms. These antiperspirants may cause adverse effects in some of the cases, so be careful while selecting them.
  • You may use alum powder and spray it on your underarms every day after shower. This will be very helpful in reducing the extent of sweating.
  • Rub a slice of potato or vinegar on your underarms. This will help in reducing the sweat there. Vinegar helps in reducing sweat as well as odor due to sweating but, potato reduces only the extent of sweat not odor. Spray deodorant whenever you rub potato on your underarms.

More tips to prevent sweating:

  • Foods that are high in chilly, caffeine and garlic are found to stimulate your sweat glands in producing excessive sweat. Consuming onions and garlic in more amounts will also lead to excessive sweating.
  • Take a shower at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed
  • Let your body breathe fresh air. Wear loose clothes so that air can move in and out through your clothes and provide fresh air to your body. Do not stay for a long time in a room that is poorly ventilated. This will boost your sweating.
  • Rubbing lemon on your armpits will also help you to prevent sweating. This is the natural and one of the mostly preferred methods of preventing sweating. You should rub a slice of lemon on your armpits after taking a bath.
  • Excessive weight can also be the cause of sweaty underarms. If you are overweight then take some steps immediately to reduce your weight. Do not eat foods that are rich in oil and fats. If fat gets accumulated in your body then it causes sweating to occur in excess.
  • Keep your skin moist enough. If your skin turns scaly then it possible that it will sweat excessively to maintain the moisture of the skin. Include vitamin C in your diet excessively. This will improve the health of your skin.
  • Prefer using clothes that are made from natural fibers such as cotton. Using silk and nylon clothes will only lead to excessive sweating especially during summer. Such clothes should be avoided.
  • Shave your armpits regularly. If there is excessive hair under the armpits then it can trigger your sweat glands to produce more amount of sweat.
  • Use strong deodorants and anti-perspirants. Those deodorants that contain aluminum chloride solution are found to be very effective in preventing sweaty armpits. Apply them regularly to get temporary relief from sweaty armpits.
  • If none of the above methods help you to get rid of sweaty armpits then you can opt for oral medications, which will help you in preventing excessive sweating. If you are about to choose medicines to address the problem of sweating then you need to take proper advice from your doctor. Do not take any medicines unless prescribed by your doctor.
  • Some people who have serious sweating problems also chose the surgical method to prevent sweating, which can be very painful and expensive. Here, some of the sweat glands from your skin are removed so that the sweating is limited. Hence, this method is not to be preferred unless you’re suffering from serious sweating problems.

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