How to Prevent Syphilis

Syphilis is transmitted through direct contact with a person who has been infected by the suspected bacteria that introduces the infection. This is one of the sexually transmitted disease, which can be prevented if awareness is spread among people through proper sex education. This article is about how to prevent syphilis.

This disease passes through four stages and increases the risk of HIV infection in a person who is infected. The symptoms shown in a person suffering from syphilis depends upon the stage of the disease. In this disease, sores or rashes are developed on the body that cause excessive bleeding and is difficult to cure.

Apart from sexual contact with a person, this disease also spreads due to direct contact with the sores and wound in a person who is unaware of the fact that he is infected by the disease. There are some tips that will help you prevent the risk of this disease.

Tips to prevent syphilis:

Be honest to your partner:

  • Do not have more than one partner. Try to be honest with your partners. If you have more than one partners the chances of infection increases, as the level of hygiene decreases.
  • If have conducted a test for this disease, and the results tested you  to be infected, then you avoid making relationships with your partners to protect them from the disease.

Abstain from sex:

  • Abstaining from sex is also one of the effective tips to help prevent the transmission of the infection. However, if you are sexually active then you should prefer using some protection while having sex.

Use protection:

  • It is very essential that you use protection while having sex. They act as a shield and reduce the risk of transmission of the infection.
  • Men as well as women should use condoms these are the best protection against any kind of sexually transmitted diseases.

Discuss things with your partner:

  • Discussing things with your partner is very important to prevent this disease.
  • Help your partners to understand the causes and the effects of the disease.

Have regular check-ups:

  • Regular health check up is very helpful in this case. There are tests conducted in the hospitals for all kinds of sexually transmitted diseases. Go for regular check-ups.
  • Encourage your partner as well to conduct tests regularly.
  • It is safe to know the history of your partner before engaging yourself in any kind of relationship with him or her.
  • Especially, young women need to check their genitals regularly as their genitals such as cervix is not completely developed in teenage.
  • You can examine your genitals yourself. If you detect any abnormalities, then you need to be frank enough to discuss it with your doctor.

Syphilis from infected mother to child:

  • Infected mothers pass on this disease to their children at the time of birth. The risk of disease transmission increases, especially if the birth is from the vagina as most of the body fluids of mother come in direct contact of the child.
  • Mothers need to go for regular check-ups to prevent their child from the infection.

Understand the symptoms:

  • Knowing the signs and symptoms of syphilis will also be useful to prevent the disease at an early stage

Don’t touch open wounds:

  • Contact with the blood of the person suffering from the disease will also contract the disease to you, so avoid touching  others open wounds.
  • Do not keep the wounds open. Cover them using bandages.
  • If you are having frequent and abnormal sores on your body then you should consult your doctor.

The tips given above will be surely helpful in preventing syphilis in both men and women.

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