How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Parenthood is very essential to prevent teens for getting pregnant. Proper guidance from the mothers will help in reducing the number of pregnancies of women in this age group. The number of teen pregnancies is increasing every year at a shocking rate. This is mainly due to lack of knowledge and the attractions of teens towards glamour. It is very essential the today’s young population know how to prevent teen pregnancy.

Suggestions to prevent teen pregnancy:

  • Proper sex education should be given to the teens at school and college level. They should be given an idea of what could happen if they get pregnant at such a young age.
  • Even if they include sex education as a part of their curriculum, it will help them a lot.
  • Teens should be given freedom to discuss about such things with parents and their mentors so that they can understand its impacts in a better manner. It will also help them clarify their doubts.
  • Parents should make their children aware that being a mother is not a part-time job. They need to devote their time and effort in raising their children.
  • Most of the children born to teens mothers lack proper care and attention. They may also suffer from poverty, abuse and neglect, etc. Some mothers may also leave their children careless; hence, there are many children without mothers in this world.
  • Parents can also take help of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. They will give suggestions by conducting sessions for the parents as well as the teens about teen pregnancy.
  • Teens should make use of birth control pills and other methods of controlling pregnancy. They should be given complete knowledge of these birth control methods and how to use them in a safe manner.
  • Teens should be taught to abstain from sex. Sometimes having sex with protection can also result into pregnancy, so children should be taught not to have sex in this age.
  • If they have sex when the genitals are not completely mature, it can lead to some serious complications in future and increase the risk of STDs. This can be life threatening to them.
  • If necessary, parents should provide proper counseling to their children from a good doctor. Never hesitate to talk to the doctor about it.
  • Parents should also attend the seminars and know the impacts of pregnancy on their children at a young age.

Following the suggestions given above, you can educate the teens and prevent them from pregnancy at such a young age.

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