How to Prevent Termites

Termites are small brown colored insects that burrow in wood and eat wood. Termites mostly attack damp wood and almost every one of us tries hard to get rid of them. To save your furniture from these destructive pests, you have to follow proper strategies and know how to prevent termites. Here are some methods that will really help you.

How to prevent termites:

  • The first thing you need to do to prevent termites is stop feeding them. Eliminate all those favorable conditions that help termites to grow and breed in your house.
  • Favorable condition for termites to breed is moist condition. When the moisture in the atmosphere is more, wooden furniture in your house becomes damp and termites start attacking.
  • Reproduction rate of the termites is more in humid atmosphere. If there is a lot of humidity in your house, then use dehumidifiers to clear the atmosphere.
  • Keep the guitars in your house clean. Since drainages are closely attached to your house they can easily dampen the walls which indirectly dampen the wooden logs or piles in your house.
  • If there are any leaky faucets in your house, then fix them immediately. Leaky faucets can make the atmosphere inside your house moist.
  • Provide proper insulation to the pipes inside your house. This insulation should extend from your house to the soil outside your house.
  • If there are any wood piles or left outs from constructions, either throw them away, or keep them in places which are hard to reach by termites.
  • The wooden furniture that you use in your house should be sprayed with insecticides. You can also get borate treated and pressurized wood in your house.
  • Take proper suggestions from your contractor while constructing your house to prevent entry of termites from the soil outside your house and the drainage system that runs beneath your house.
  • Keep the sprinklers in your gardens away from your house such that the water does not get sprayed directly on the wooden walls.
  • Use wooden materials that are less prone to termites. Cedar, juniper and redwood are the species of wood that are mostly at the risk of termites.
  • If there are any left out scraps of wood near wooden furniture that are old and not in use then throw them away or move them somewhere else.
  • Weather sealers are also available, that will help in preventing termites in the exteriors such as windows and exterior walls of your house.
  • Maintain proper ventilation in your house so that the atmosphere in your house is dry most of the times.
  • You can also create sand barriers in the spaces such as fence posts. You can do this by digging trenches around such wooden structures.  Fill these furrows with 16-grit sand. These granules act as barriers for the termites and prevent wood structures from them.
  • If there are any cracks in the wooden furniture, or any wooden articles in your house, seal them. Termites mostly look for such places to live and reproduce.
  • Do not allow shrubs, vines and other vegetation to creep on the windows or places that provide ventilation to your house. They provide crawl spaces for the termites that are present in the soil.
  • The crawl spaces in the soil should be kept covered with polythene such that termites do not crawl up easily onto the walls.
  • Keep all the wooden articles away from the soil. If there are any wooden portions in your house such as windows, try to maintain a distance of at least 20 inches from the soil.
  • If there are any old tree roots or stumps lying beneath your building, remove them.

How to get rid of termites:

Getting rid of termites is a tough task. Here are some methods that will help you in the same.

  • Clean each and every corner of your house and spray insecticides or pest control powders in your house.
  • If this is not proving to be helpful, you need to hire a professional termite examiner. They will examine the main problem and eliminate it permanently. You can search online to know about these pest controllers in your city.
  • You need to treat the wood as well as the soil in your house to prevent termites. Some people use homemade products to spray onto wooden articles and soil. Make sure that you use licensed products to have effective results.

The tips given above will surely help you in preventing termites as well as getting rid of them.

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