How to Prevent Terrorism

Terrorism is one of the most critical issues that most of the countries are facing today. Millions of innocent lives have been taken due to terrorist attacks. Knowing how to prevent terrorism is very essential for all the nations that are dealing with this serious problem and also those nations that have not yet experienced any terrorist attacks. There may hardly be any nation that has not faced this issue.

Important tips to prevent terrorism:

Uniting against terrorism:

  • The first thing we need to do is unite against terrorism.
  • We should not fight against this critical issue individually; all the nations of the world should develop some strategies unitedly.
  • We should co-operate with nations that are dealing with this problem more frequently.
  • The powerful nations of the world should provide all the necessary assistance and help to the nations which are in dire need of help.

Effective and fair criminal justice:

  • Mostly people are found to turn to terrorism if they are not satisfied with what they are getting or they have faced any kind of injustice.
  • The laws and rules of the nation should be fair enough so that they don’t harm the human rights of any of the communities of the nation; this is especially necessary for the nations with diverse communities.
  • Rules imposed on all the communities should be equal and should not hurt their religious aspects.

Promoting quality education:

  • It is very essential that the nations’ government provide quality education for the people of their country.
  • The educational system of the country should be capable enough to teach the children certain important aspects such as human rights education, internationally shared values, mutual understanding, conflict prevention and critical thinking.
  • Such things should be included in school text books and teachers should be trained well to teach them to children.

Security of critical infrastructure:

  • Terrorists mostly attack the critical infrastructure such as transport systems, hotels, schools, famous monuments and anything which is of great importance for the nation. All such places should be secured well so that you can prevent terrorist attacks on them.
  • Nations should train the security forces to deal with any emergency situations and provide them with advanced equipment.
  • Security forces should be intelligent enough to identify the problem in advance and should be able to take some actions as soon as they become aware of the problem.
  • The government should provide necessary funds and aid to the security system of the country.
  • Chemical plants, nuclear plans and army equipment of the nations should be provided additional protection.

Improve technology:

  • The government of the country should invest a fair amount of their fund in improving the technology of the country to tackle terrorist attacks.
  • The intelligence of the country should use advanced technologies to track the problem well in advance.
  • Cameras and all other advanced technological gadgets should be placed in places which are more vulnerable. Such places should be monitored continuously.

Improve information sharing:

  • Critical information that is shared among countries and within the country should be secured well enough.
  • Confidential information about the country should be shared in encrypted form so that it is not leaked.

Some precautions that you should take at individual level:

  • If you observe any suspicious activity around you then as a responsible citizen of the country you must report such activity to the security department of your country.
  • When you are travelling in the malls or on the streets if you notice any suspicious or unusual things then report it to the police immediately.
  • You should be able to tackle any emergency situations. You can take proper training to counter attack the terrorist attacks.
  • Do not accept parcels and or packages from unknown people. It can be dangerous sometimes. If you or your neighbors receive any such packages then call the authorities immediately.
  • Always keep the numbers of the security authorities with you.
  • Protect your mailing system with proper security such that no suspicious information is shared through it.
  • If you are a famous personality, then it is your responsibility that you do not speak any sensitive statements that could hurt the emotions of the people.

There are many other ways that you and your nation can and should take to prevent terrorism and protect yourself and people living around you.

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