How to Prevent Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones appear as a white spot at the back of your throat. In the initial stages it does not cause any pain, but later on it starts paining severely and needs to be treated surgically. This white spot grows gradually and makes it difficult to swallow food and saliva. Tonsils stones can be prevented if you know how to prevent tonsil stones.

How tonsil stones are caused:

  • Bacteria that produce sulfur, reside beneath the surface of your tongue. These bacteria are responsible for causing tonsil stones also known as tonsillitis.
  • Bacteria along with the debris that settle on the tonsils accumulate at the back of your tonsils and produce stones.
  • The sulfur produced by this bacteria combines with the debris and produce stones.
  • People, who don’t have tonsils, rarely get tonsil stones. This does not mean that you should get your tonsils removed.
  • Absence of tonsils can cause complications in your body depending on your age.

There are alternative methods that can help you prevent tonsil stones. Instead of removing your tonsils forever, try these preventive measures given below.

Tips to prevent tonsil stones:

  • Practicing better hygiene will help you a lot in preventing tonsil stones.  Know and practice the best ways of oral hygiene. You can contact your dentist for this and ask him for tips of proper oral care.
  • Use oxygenating toothpaste to brush your teeth and oxygenating mouthwash to rinse your mouth. These toothpastes and mouthwashes are very effective in removing and killing the harmful bacteria that reside on the surface of your mouth.
  • Use flossers to clean between your teeth. Some bacteria responsible for tonsil stones may also reside in the gaps between your teeth. It is essential that you remove the bacteria from here too.
  • After you have brushed your teeth properly do not forget to scrape your tongue. Use good tongue scrappers that will help you in scrapping your tongue properly from front to back.
  • Gargle after having your meals. It is very essential that you brush your teeth properly twice in a day, once in the morning and once at night. Brushing at night is very important, because most of the bacterial growth in the mouth is during night as the mouth is closed for a longer period.
  • If any debris of the food particles or the mucus present in the mouth stays within the mouth for a longer period, chances of tonsil stones increase.
  • Do not use alcoholic mouthwashes to gargle or wash your mouth. The presence of alcohol in the mouth washes increases the risk of tonsil stones, which can sometimes become more sever and result into halitosis.
  • People who consume alcoholic drinks increase the risk of formation of stones within the mouth. People who have already suffered from tonsil stones should prohibit drinking.
  • Dairy products increase the formation of bacteria inside your mouth, so stay away from them. These dairy products supply a large amount of essential nutrients, so avoiding them completely can cause nutritional deficiency in you. Therefore, whenever you eat any dairy products, wash your mouth properly using a mouthwash.
  • If you drink milk at night, you should not forget to brush your teeth properly after drinking milk. People who don’t do this are at high risk of having tonsil stones.
  • Flushing your nasal cavity properly is also very important to prevent tonsil stones. The mucus present is the nasal cavities sometimes reaches your mouth and settles there and form tonsil stones.
  • You can use a nasal and sinus irrigation system to clear your nasal cavities. It is also essential that you clean your nasal cavities properly everyday while having shower.

Some people may suggest you to remove the tonsils to prevent tonsil stones, but this should not be done at any cost. The only way to prevent tonsil stones is oral hygiene. Follow the tips that are given above to prevent tonsil stones.

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