How to Prevent Underage Drinking

A combination of observations and implementation of effective strategies is necessary to prevent drinking among young adolescents. Underage drinking is a serious problem among children in U.S. It has a close influence with the social, emotional and behavioral problems of children. To address this problem you need to know how to prevent underage drinking.

Tips to prevent underage drinking:

Children need practical guidance from their parents and the people who mentor them or are responsible to mould the children right from their childhood. Here are some tips that will be helpful for all those who are looking to prevent their children from drinking.

  • Open and frank communication with children is the best way to prevent teenage drinking. Provide proper response to your children why they bring up topics of alcohol. Listen to their conversation carefully so that you understand what they feel about drinking. You may feel tempted and angry, if you don’t like something they are talking, but don’t react aggressively and criticize them.
  • Let your children know the effects of alcohol on their health. Share your experience with them. If you try to teach them practically, then your children will learn the consequences of drinking easily. Facts create a greater impact on their mind.
  • It is your responsibility that you help your children to tackle with certain situations where they are offered alcohol. Their friends may tempt them to have drinks in parties. You should help them plan strategies to cope with such situations.
  • Movies portray a strong impression on your children. They try to mimic and enjoy doing what they see in the movies and televisions. You should make them understand that all that is shown in the movies is not real and just fantasy.
  • Monitor your child’s friends in school, college and outside. Make sure that they have good companions outside.
  • Try to connect with the parents of your child’s friends so that you can collectively plan to teach morals and proper social ethics to your children.
  • Encourage them to pursue their hobbies and participate in activities they enjoy.
  • Spend some time with your children at least while having dinner at night. Allow them to share their experiences throughout their day. It is very important that parents maintain a pleasant, gratifying and satisfying atmosphere at house.
  • Schools and government should enforce strict laws against drinking. It is the responsibility of educators and parents to make sure that children know about these rules and follow them.
  • Programs should be conducted at schools to mentor students against underage drinking. Education system should be designed with a broad spectrum in mind so that its emphasis is on such issues.
  • One-to-one corresponding sessions should be carried between students and teachers to know their students more closely. Interactive teaching is very important in this age.
  • Children should be taught proper stress management techniques, assertive attitude towards life, interactive and social skills at schools.
  • They should be encouraged to participate in sports and skill building programs so that they do not engage in false activities. These extracurricular activities help children refresh their mind and reduce stress and tension. Most of the times stress and tension is responsible to indulge children in activities such as drinking, assaults, accidents, rape and other violent crimes that can ruin their future.
  • Store owners should also follow the rules and should not sell alcohol and alcohol based products to teenagers. They should ask identification from all young people to know their age.
  • Parents need to have knowledge about the community resources that will help them in restricting their children from alcohol addiction.
  • They should give proper and necessary medical help to their children if they are addicted to alcohol.
  • If your approach is such that you involve the entire community, it will benefit many children who are in dire need of help. Create communities that will help children around you understand addiction more closely.

The tips given above are really very helpful in preventing underage binge drinking, which is a persistent social health problem in most of the developed and developing countries. Follow these suggestions and prevent your children from underage drinking.

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