How to Prevent Violence

Violence in schools is a major issue today that needs to be addressed by providing proper education to children. It is the responsibility of parents as well as teachers that they groom children in proper manner. To know how to prevent violence would be very helpful for all the people who want to get rid of it.

Tips to prevent violence:

  • Teach your children the difference between good and bad. Let them understand what they should do and what they should not do.
  • Observe them regularly. Make sure that they are not addicted to any of the drugs or alcohol. Children who are addicted are hyper sensitive, and are most of the times engaged in violence.
  • Monitor your children’s television programs. Do not allow them to watch those programs that contain violence and abusive language.
  • Identify signs of violence in your children. If your child gets angry frequently then there is a possibility that your child may be indulged in violence.
  • Give good examples to your children and tell them stories that will create a good and positive impression on their minds, right from their childhood.
  • A child’s mind can be molded in any way you want and it greatly depends upon the parents.
  • Do not allow your children to play games that involve too much violence. They aggravate the emotions of your children.
  • Organize communities that will help children in teaching positive things and help them communicate with other children. This will help them understand social behavior so that they can adjust with any or all kind of people.
  • If you see any one behaving violently in schools, it is your responsibility to report it to the police, so that they can take some necessary steps.
  • There is National Youth Violence Prevention center that holds many programs that will help you prevent violence.
  • Discussing with your children about their problems will also be helpful for them. This will help you understand their problems and you can come up with solutions to solve their problems.
  • You should try to help them in controlling anger. Meditation will help you in controlling anger and stress. Most of the times stress in children is the reason for their anger.

A person becomes violent due to various factors like the upbringing, the state of mind and various such factors. It is necessary that a person is developed right from childhood in such a way that he could control his anger and be less prone to get violent.

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