How to Prevent War

In order to know how you can prevent war, we need to learn how to resolve disputes between countries facing problems with each other. Neighboring countries have disputes between each other most of the times, due to many reasons, which would be better if not discussed, since they are all merely mediocre distractions from the true purpose. Nations should have a broad perspective and understand, respect each other’s culture to prevent war. We cannot be called as humans if we wage war for any reason, as it goes in conflict with our conscience. Where we have unstable minds governing these aspects, and who think that war is the remedy for war, we need to take responsibility for individual growth, for only then we can expect a collective progression towards humanity.

Being human is not easy, and that with all the negativity we have been breeding within us generation after generation. The cycle operates at a mass scale today, spawning sub-divisions and shady reflections that tend to trespass the minds of the society’s inhabitants with ease, where they can further auto-populate.

How can we prevent war?

  • Improper use of power is one of the reasons that calls for a war between two countries. In fact, power, as we see it, is not really power, but abuse. Hierarchy exists only for the purpose of delegating responsibilities, where power or control is a residue. Instead of focusing on optimizing the connection between developed or developing nations, the current situation marks a collective misunderstanding of the fact that the land is divided into portions only to facilitate smooth management and efficient government.
  • Cultural values of other nations must be respected, for the primordial reason that they’re “cultural affairs,” and we, as sane beings, should restrain from rejecting or making fun of traditions that seem strange to our eyes. Each country has it own culture and traditions; therefore, no other country should underestimate them. This is common manners or respect, as we all can see.
  • We have certain nations who have taken the initiative to raise some money in order to help poor countries and support the lives of its people, thus improving their standard of living. This breeds compassion among two societies, and spreads on a mass scale. Such help must be offered by all countries that can afford the cause.
  • Nations that have excelled in nuclear power so far must realize that their use points to crossed lines of insanity, where they’re paving way for unstoppable chaos and severed communication between countries for several more years.
  • Joint communities should be established by all the nations that will allow the ruling and decision making personalities of all the countries to share their problems and perspectives. Such gatherings will encourage good relationships among countries. The acts of conquering have always traced back to failures in the past, and it’s about time when we realized the importance of integrity and non-possession.
  • War is not a solution for a conflict, those who believe in war are in delusion. Those who praise the decision are psychologically disturbed, and those who take sides are in a state of indecision and imbalance.
  • Spending on military resources and defense equipment only marks the wastage of resources. Instead, these resources can be optimally used to improve the current chaotic condition, where a united effort can result in miracles. Protection of a nation has been confused for preparing for war, which is an evidence of misunderstood patriotism. Unnecessary and huge expenditure on military forces will increase the urge for using them, for which the only available platform is war.
  • Diplomacy has been mistaken for masking things, in fact, it is an act of compromising and negotiating, and this must be practiced all the time by the leaders of the nation. This technique is very effective and it will help you in preventing war to some extent.
  • The sense of power comes with the purpose to overpower and conquer alone. It must not be entertained; and here, the individuals on whose hands the decision of waging a war lies, should act responsibly and save the lives of millions. Here’s a sad fact – As citizens of a nation, there is no assurance as to whether we can avoid witnessing in real, showers of empty shells from a random fire, or countless aircrafts howering right above us, dropping tons of explosives.
  • Proper education is also important to prevent war. People should be taught the causes and consequences of war right from their childhood. They should have proper mentors who can guide them and teach them to be human (parents can take this responsibility).

Following the above suggestions will definitely prevent war and protect the nation and the world from huge loss of lives and property. Compassion heals.

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