How to Prevent Water Retention

Water retention is the accumulation of fluids within the circulatory system of the body. A small water retention in the body is absolutely fair. Many women notice water retention during the week before the onset of menstruation. It occurs mainly due to changes in the pressure of the capillaries due to hormonal imbalances. To prevent water from retaining it is essential that you know how to prevent water retention.

Water retention in the body gives a puffy look to your body. This causes excessive weight gain even if you were on a diet for many days. However, it is impossible to prevent water retention completely. You can take some steps to minimize water retention in your body.

How to prevent water retention:

Drink more water:

  • There is a mechanism in the body that helps us to control the water levels in our body.
  • To control this system of fluids in the body, the body uses a complex system of hormones and many hormone-like substances like prostaglands.
  • Thus, if the amount of water you drink varies regularly then you should not have imbalances in the fluid.
  • If you drink more water, then the body releases more urine and if you drink less water, then the body will hold on the fluids present in the body to meet the requirements.
  • When your body is dehydrated continuously, then the hormonal balances in the body are disturbed and as a result cause water retention.
  • If you are dehydrated then your body retains water in the blood cells to meet the requirements due to which there is water retention in the body.
  • So, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day to prevent water retention.

Control sodium levels:

  • Excess of sodium in your body can also be one of the reasons for water retention.
  • It is very essential that we control the level of sodium in our body. However it is very difficult to control the level of sodium in our body. We need to restrict intake of foods that contain sodium.
  • Restrict packaged food, because we are unaware of the sodium content in these food items.
  • If you already have the problem of water retention in your body, you should not consume salt, because salt contains excessive amounts of sodium.
  • Some natural food already contains sodium, but this sodium content is not hazardous to your health.
  • Sometimes, if you cut down the sodium content from your diet completely, it can result into major health issues, so consulting a doctor in this case will be a better option.

Get enough potassium:

  • Potassium helps the bodies’ water controlling mechanism.
  • When potassium is consumed in adequate amounts, the body stops storing unnecessary water in the cells.
  • So, increase intake of food that contain potassium, such as bananas and raisins. They help you a lot in solving the problem of water retention without causing any harmful adverse effects on your body.

Include caffeine:

  • Caffeine is supposed to have diuretic effects on the body. When you consume drinks containing caffeine, the frequency of urination increases and help you prevent water retention.
  • Drinks such as coffee, soft drinks and tea contain caffeine and should be consumed in limited amount whenever you feel a bloating effect in your body.
  • Make a note that excessive intake of caffeine causes dehydration, forcing the body to retain water in excessive amount. This will aggravate the process of water retention in your body.

Consume vitamin C:

  • Food items that are rich in vitamin C also help in flushing out the excessive water out of the body.
  • Include lemon juice in your diet or add few drops of lemon juice to a glass of water and drink it. This will help you prevent water retention in your body.
  • Cranberry juice also helps the body in controlling the diuretic effects of the body. Include this juice in your diet. It also contains vitamin C.

The suggestions given above will surely help you in preventing water retention in your body. If you are in the menstruation period then you may experience water retention to some extent, which cannot be prevented.

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