How to Prevent Zits

Zits are common in teenagers due to various reasons such as hormonal changes, lack of cleanliness, overexposure to pollutants, deficiency of nutrients, etc. Pores of the skin get clogged due to these reasons and cause zits on the surface of the skin. You can get rid of zits knowing how to prevent zits.

Tips to prevent zits:

  • Keep your skin clean to remove all the dust and dirt that sits on the surface of the skin. This dirt enters deep into the pores of the skin and clogs them. This develops into pimple or zits.
  • Use natural cleansers such as honey, lemon and aloe vera to clean your skin. They do not cause any adverse effects on the skin and prevent zits effectively.
  • You can also use the cleansers available in the market to clean your skin.
  • Do not over-clean your skin. Over cleaning also causes zits and pimples on the skin, stripping out the oils from the skin.
  • Do not sleep with make-up at night. Use water and soap to wash your face. Before washing your face, clean it using cotton, adding few drops of rose water to it.
  • Do not touch your face every now and then. If your hands contain any kind of germs and bacteria, they may transfer to your face. These bacteria and zits also clog the pores of the skin leading to zits and pimples.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is very essential in flushing out the toxins from the body. If there are many impurities in your body, you can suffer from frequent stomach problems such as indigestion and acid reflux. These directly affect your skin, inviting many skin related problems.
  • Water also helps in hydrating your body. A well hydrated body improves the quality of your skin and moisturizes it properly.
  • A balanced diet is also very essential in preventing zits. Diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables is very essential to have a healthy, blemish free skin. Fruits and vegetables contain fibers and antioxidants, which are needed by our body.
  • Specific diets that contain spicy and oily food can trigger the formation of zits in your face, so avoid eating such food.
  • Do not pop or squeeze the pimple and zits. This can spread infection to the surrounding areas and increase their number.
  • If you have zits, treat those using cream that contains benzyl peroxide. You should star t applying such creams as soon as you notice their onset on your skin. This will help in clearing the zits more effectively.
  • Do not overdo or apply many creams at a time. This will make the condition worse. Try one cream at a time.
  • Exfoliating the skin is also very essential to prevent the zits. Massage your skin using a massaging cream that contains low proportion of alcohol within it. Massage in small circular motions at night and wash your face properly.
  • Steaming your face using warm water at night will also help you in opening the pores of the skin and killing the germs and insects that might be breeding on your skin.
  • Keep your pillow covers and hair clean. Change them regularly.
  • Keep your hair away from your face. Tie them properly while going to bed at night. If your hair comes in contact with your face frequently, then the chances of zits on your face can increase.
  • If you have dandruff in your hair, you need to do something to address it immediately, because dandruff is found to be the main reason for the zits in many people.
  • Use oil free products as zit formation is sometimes due to increased secretion of oil from the skin. If you use oil based products and creams, you will eventually aggravate the process of zit formation on the skin.
  • Do not use harsh products on the face. Excessive make-up and harsh products can make the skin oily and more prone to zits.
  • Proper blood circulation in the body is also very helpful in flushing out the toxins from the body. If blood circulation is proper in the body, then the dead tissues from the body are removed effectively. The process of growth of new tissues takes place more effectively. This is very essential to make your skin healthy and zit free.
  • Do not expose your skin to sun for a long time. Doing this without any protection will increase the secretion of sebum from the skin. If this sebum comes in contact with the dust and bacteria in the atmosphere, then it causes zits.
  • When zits breakout and drain themselves, apply antiseptic cream on your skin to prevent the infection to other areas of the skin.

Zits can occur on any parts of the body and sometimes need to be treated by medication, so take the necessary precautions that are given above and prevent zits.

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