How to Prioritize Work

In today’s competitive world, it is very important to be multitasking at your workplace and personal life as well. Multitasking will differentiate you from other employees at work and help you succeed in life. However, to be good at multitasking, you should know ‘how to prioritize work’.

Prioritizing helps you order and re-order your tasks continuously, so that you achieve your targets and set goals. Your boss will not ask you. and hand over a task to you, rather he would just give you a task and a deadline to it. In this case, you need to know ‘how to prioritize work’ and ‘how to prioritize workload’. Work prioritizing is prioritizing the task given to you, and workload prioritizing is ordering the tasks involved in completing one’s work, so that you complete you work in time.

How to prioritize work?

In your office always have a chart put up on your desk. This chart will help you in prioritizing work and completing your work on time. You can revise this weekly or fortnightly, as needed.

List or Chart:

  • Make a chart of your weekly targets or fortnightly target. List down the different tasks you need to complete. Make a chart having five columns. Have a look at the chart below for your reference:

Task Priority Urgency Effort Time Update
Project report Medium Medium High more
Presentation High Very urgent Moderate less
List of new suppliers Low medium Very low Very less
Tender details Very High Very urgent High High
  • Your rough chart of work will look something like this. This includes all the tasks you need to complete in a given span of time.
  • Next step will be rearranging the chart as per the level of priority and urgency. Your rearranged chart will actually help you choose your most important work.

Rearranging the Chart:

Task Priority Urgency Effort Time Update
Tender details Very High Very urgent High High
Presentation High Very urgent Moderate Less
Project report Medium Medium High More
List of new suppliers Low Medium Very low Very less

  • This chart will thus help you focus on the most important work first. For example, in this case, you have to get the ‘Tender details’ urgently, as this is very high on priority and urgency. May be you might lose a contract if you delay this work. This is thus on the top of your work chart.
  • Now based on time constraints you have, you can pick up a task first. For example, you need to finish the entire work in one week. You had a long meeting one day and thus you cannot afford to waste a day or else you won’t be able to complete your work.
  • In this situation, when you have very less time left for the day, you can choose ‘list of new suppliers’ as this requires least time and least efforts. Also, you will complete one of your tasks from the work chart.
  • This means, though you make a work chart and arrange things accordingly, still unexpected meetings or discussions may disturb your work schedule. You thus have to be wise and pick up a work, so that you do not waste your time and complete your work in the given time.

Delegating Work:

  • Another important factor is that if you work in a team or you are a team lead, and these are the tasks for the week handed over to your team, you should know how to effectively delegate work to the teammates, based on skills and priority.
  • Delegation will help you share the workload as well as complete your work in time.

The information written above will help you learn ‘how to prioritize work’. Even if the work is handed over to you alone, or the entire team, this method of prioritizing work will help you tackle with your workload, and you can be an efficient and smart worker. This will help you succeed at your workplace.

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